Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An unusual Monday night...or my heart goes pitter patter.

You can tell when the Christmas season is over, my son's retail hours get cut and he's home some evenings.  On Monday's I usually read, while waiting form Sasha to return from his job.  He has quite a walk, and it's usually 10:30 ish.  But tonight he's home so we are watching Chuck. Chuck is some kinda spy story, but never mind that, guess who the evil villain was?  None other than Dr. Kildare. My sister's had Dr. Kildare trading cards,(wonder if they'd be worth anything today?) he was big, my mom had a LP of his singing.  Didn't you love the way Drs. and Nurses looked cleaner, and you could tell them apart from the custodians in a hospital.  We think we've progressed but have we?  I'll never forget when Dr. Gilesppe gave one of the nurses a proper scolding for wearing stockings, yes stockings that were not white.  Well now they are traipsing around in those CROCS. When my niece had her baby the nurse that came in to remove her stitches had chipped nail polish and her hair hanging in her face and had I not suggested that she wash her hands I'm not sure she would have.  Oh I sound like  I like the good ole days don't I.  I'm leaving you with our heart throb.

I'm posting this song in honour of my mother's birthday, she loved this song, and a little brat came over, with her mom for a fitting and got into the stereo cabinet and trashed all our L.P. and this one in particular.  Our mother is 91 years old today.   Not a great picture of my sister's and I but our mother look Marvelous. P.S. we enjoyed those little triangles, with our Celeric and Pear soup, and Garlic Polenta with Roast Vegetables. Opps and Mango Mouse cake and tea.


fredamans said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

bermudaonion said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Treasure every moment with her.

Donna said...

Happy birthday to your sweet mom!

I had to giggle about your crush on Richard Chamberlain. You do know he's gay, don't you?!

Irene said...

Yes, I know Richard is gay, I was devastated when I found out. But that doesn't change my feeling for him.