Monday, January 10, 2011

I don't wait well...

Some twelve months ago or more, our provincial government went on this program to encourage home improvements and spending.  We needed a new furnace.  The deal was you get a company to come in and do an environmental assessment and tell you what improvements would make you more energy efficient. Well let me count the ways.  As I say we needed a new furnace, which was no chump change, and there were a few other things that we could have done to up the ante. I sort of went through the list and pointed out to my husband what was a doable job and not... Sooooooooooo today we are getting some insulation put into our attic, so my feet don't freeze while I stand ironing. My husband didn't feel we needed this, since when we are upstairs, we are under the covers.  Well, I made him stand while I ironed in his stocking feet, and he had to put on a jacket. Our skylight it seems did not have any insulation.  So after a weekend of moving things out of the way so the attic entry is accessible, I'm sitting here waiting.  I don't wait well.  I start to do things.  Like bake.  Made these delicious phylo triangles, just to pop in the freezer.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

How I do that?

1 pkg. phylo pastry (purchased from the grocery store)
1/2 lb. chopped mushrooms
1 small onion chopped
1 lb.(hot) sausage (removed from casing, and fried)
butter melted, about 4 tbsps.
Saute mushrooms, and finely chopped onion until onions are transparent. I fried the sausage separately and waited until it was somewhat cool. Drained off the excess fat/water, I then broke up the pieces of sausage so it was finely separated. Combine the two. I didn't worry about it being a sticky clump, since the pastry will hold everything together.
Lay out one sheet of pastry, on a clean surface that you can slide a pizza cutter on, I use a pastry board. I have bought myself a quilting ruler and use it exclusively for baking.I have about 6 of these for different jobs, love this ruler. It's a 2 inch ruler, I lay it on the sheet of pastry and use a pizza cutter to cut your slice. Brush the whole strip with melted butter.  Keep the other sheets covered with a damp cloth while you are working away.  Place a tbsp. of filling on the bottom of the phylo strip, fold right corner of the strip of to the left side making it a triangle beginning, continue in this way to the end of the strip, you'll have several layers.Brush every triangle with the melted butter on all sides.  Consider the butter your glue, so if anything unsticks, butter it.   I froze these, flat on a cooking sheet and then transferred them to a airtight container. I baked from frozen at 375degrees F. for 7or 8 min. and then fliped them over using tongs. They were crispy and golden brown. and delicious.  And made a great treat for my workers when they came to do their jobs.  (Hopefully they do an outstanding job).
So now I wait until they are done, hmmmmm maybe some Celeric Pear Soup, and a little Polenta with roast Vegetables.

P.S. Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys 
I'm having a really hard time commenting on your posts. I love when you visit... For some reason, after my comment, I hit comment and it just disappears. I have the same problem with Valorie Hart's blog. The comment just disappears. I feel I'm neglecting you both, when I really read your posts religiously.


Donna said...

Hi, Irene! Golly, I don't know why you are having trouble posting on my blog. What exactly is happening? I don't have word verification or comment moderation on anymore, so it should be straightforward!

Those little triangles look soooo good! Ah, we are eating rabbit food for the next decade or so (LOL) while we try to lose some weight. Glad to hear that you are getting some insulation put in. It should greatly help with your heating bills!

Jenners said...

Oh those phyllo things sound and look fantastic! I'm a fan of anything with layers of dough!!

And we needed a new AC unit ... and ended up getting a bunch of stuff done to get rebates and no interest loans. It got a bit out of hand but at least we are set for the next 15 to 20 years!

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