Sunday, September 10, 2017

Saturday Snapshot... recycle cycle

When my kids were little, a long time ago, they use to watch some children's program that had a re cycle portion, and a little ditty would come up with "re cycle cycle" and some very unusual concoctions would appear.  Well I watch too... I was one of those hovering moms that watched and read everything my kids did, or at least the ones I knew they were reading.  It's only now that they are men, that they choose "stuff" for themselves.  I always felt if they were watching something I didn't approve of, we should "talk about it, and discuss, why they shouldn't watch it", this is not to say I didn't change the channel, I still do that.  I did want them however, to make wise choices,(if those wise choices didn't meet my wise choice, the book got returned, or the channel got changed anyway) and just saying " I don't want to watch it" or read it... or take part.  I hope it is true today.  HOPE!

Anyway, can't remember if I posted this earlier, but I recycled a little case, I suspect it was one of those portable record players.  It's little, maybe 9 inches by 12 inches. cute eh!  I lined it with burlap and now I'm going to figure out how I can add a pocket inside to hold my upholstery pins.  I always seem to stick my  hand into my tool box and stick a pin into it, or pierce myself with the tack remover.  AND  it's so cute!  Happy Snapshot Saturday

Hat Tip to Judy Westegaard -Jenkins (suitcase design) Madagascar Moth

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday Snapshot ... It's the most wonderful time of the year

Evelyn Bouma with my turtle footstool, after I had stitched in my horsehair
Well, the kids are going back to school.  I have a number of family members and friends that are teachers.  I can only hope that they will have as much an impact on the lives of the students they teach as some of the teachers of my past have been. 

Today, I am cleaning and rearranging my "work room" I sew there, paint there, upholster there, and do laundry.  I was flooded out some 4 years ago and even though all has been repaired, my room is still in a messy state, and I finally have found some floor covering that I like.  So while I was re-organizing I came across a bag of "horse hair".  The lovely lady in the above photo, was my upholstery teacher.  I decided I needed to shampoo the horse hair, would never have know you could do that, were it not for her.  So it's outside drying in the sunshine, I even used conditioner.  I acquired this product so I could re upholster my Eastlake loveseat and chair, I suspect that the professional upholster used "foam" that is a four letter word in upholster/restoration environments.

It got me to thinking of teachers that have impacted my life.  Miss Larman,(Pirosko) inspired the artistic portion of my brain.  I paint at least twice a week.  Mrs. Irene Paradisi, inspired me to continue my education, and Joan Rapsavage was instrumental in aiding me in making that choice, (long after I had left the school, where she would have been expected to aid in my quest).  Life long learning was Mrs. Von B's influence.  And a grade two teacher who's name I cannot remember was a great spiritual influence.  I'm in my early sixties and still I remember some of the kind words she taught us to live by. i.e, one of the things she asked us to do as a class, that I do to this day, when you hear an ambulance or a police siren, say a little prayer that those involved are o.k. And this is not to mention the teaching influences of my parents. And my embroidery teacher... my goodness there have been a lot of teachers in my life...
Presently I have a few teachers that are doing their darnedest to teach me stuff, hopefully, I'll be able to remember some of their words of wisdom.  Hat tip to Mike  W. and Shelley Prior, sorry if I'm a difficult student.

SO if I can say anything to teachers, it's make a difference in your students life, you never know what will keep them throughout their lives.

I might add that Evelyn (the lady in the photo) welcomed her 5,000th student in 1984, she continued to teach until her 85th year, right up until the morning she passed she was do planning for her classes. She passed away a few years ago getting ready for a workshop. So single handedly she saved the landfills of all those chairs and sofas that needed attention.  Imagine!

Friday, September 1, 2017

All done!

Well last post I showed you the before shots of bird houses...
here they are again, just to refresh your memory.  AND Here is what they are after.

they did a great job, and were busy for oh , say, fifteen minutes.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Over the last few months, Heather Hope and I have been obsessed with bird houses.  I've planted stuff to attract hummingbirds, but have yet to see any, but I do have a pond so birds do come by. As a matter of fact I think my pond is getting a bathtub ring. So, I'm getting ready to paint a few...
the inspiration...
have shovel, with dig in... wish me luck, I'll be doing this with little people.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Snapshot Saturday...

Well it's that time of year again,  the Canadian National Exhibition opened this weekend.  For Ontarians, that means summer is drawing to an end.  Grandmoms, and moms alike are getting kiddies ready for back to school.  Kids are trying to cram in as much fun as possible. Me, I'd just like to say my yard is o.k., it's not.  I still have 3 square feet of patio to fix, and 1/3 of my lawn to remove and some grubs that need tending to.  I missed treating them in the spring, so now they have become quite a community.  It's hard to find something I want to do, that's environmentally friendly, but doesn't require me to take out a mortgage or sell my first born. I was hoping Pepe Le Pew would take care of things but he seems to have given up and moved next door.  Smelly little guy that he is. So when I went to stroll through the livestock yard and this little guy pocked his head out, I couldn't help but think, I may need some manure on that lawn as well... Have a good Saturday.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Snapshot

I didn't start out gardening, but I do like to sit and have my morning coffee and look out the window, and see something pretty, and so began the gardening adventure.  There is good and bad involved.  Bad, skunks digging up my yard and smelling up my yard, there are those pesky weeds.  The good, lovely flowers. And so I present:  The good things about day lillies...
they are bright, and tall and lush
they come in a variety of colours
they require little or no attention, an occasional watering...
THE BAD, each bloom flowers for just ONE day.  And come mid August they are mostly done!

BUT the best part of day lillies is look how great those car parts look.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Snapshot

I haven't gotten to this corner of the garden, yet.  I'm busy pulling the white clover from my law, about 2/3rds done.  But look what Mother Nature did! I thought for sure the morning glories were not blooming this year,  they are very late.  I've had them going since Sasha was in Senior Kindergarden, he's now 28.