Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stairway to...

I hardly ever participate in this meme anymore... It's theme Thursday, probably because my life really starts on Friday.  January 6th theme, was stairs and while I took pictures, I neglected to post. But, we've had some snow the photo on the left is one of an old building, presently under renovation, in Hamilton. I took it while waiting for the bus, as I always do.  I happened to look up and there on the top of this building there is a spiral staircase on the outside, what would anyone need to be climbing out on the very top for?  It's scary.  And then we had some snow, on the right, you can't even see the stairs, and who's climbing down, I think I'll get my little sleigh out, opps... I didn't tell you about that... Isn't it adorable?


Annie said...

ah, indeed a very cute sled. Just what the grandchild needs! Actually they have their own plastic one, not quite the same , but still came in handy for the little one in the snow.
Hard to believe that they and you are in the snow, when we are all almost under water and in the heat here!

copying my reply here to your last comment on the need for ice:

Hi Irene. Many thanks for your prayers. I know, when you are in winter and the ice and snow there...there would be possibly no need to keep food cool, without power. Here in the tropics, the weather is HOT and 28 degrees the need to keep our food cool in eskies with ice is imperative when there is no power for the fridge. There was no food left at the shops, and the shops were/are closed, trucks can't get through to restock them, warehouses would be under water in various places, shop keepers were flooded in and not able to get to their shops, as their employees. Even the very large fruit and vege markets were under water. The little local fruit shop had very little left to sell. The towns where fruit and veges are grown, like Bundaberg to the north, are themselves underwater and unable to ship out their produce. It is a real and extensive state wide problem! So the need to preserve what little fresh food was important. I was so pleased to find power on at the church and other places, and to be able to use fridges there and power for charging mobiles and laptops.

As the tv presenter just said, it is so hard to comprehend the magnitude of it all unless you are living it!

Jenners said...

Those snowy stairs look like an accident waiting to happen! YIKES!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan