Friday, January 14, 2011

On the look out...

A few months ago I was with my friend shopping. We've been friends for 41 years.  I find things when we shop together.  This end table was one of those items.  I didn't buy it, but I love it and I plan to recreate it on a piece of real wood, this was not, it was that sawdust and glue stuff.  So now I'm on the look out. I need a night table that will house my socks.  With the cold weather I have amassed a vast collection of socks. And I think this would be a great place to keep my collection for easy retrieval.  I usually dress in the dark, I'm early and my husband is a sleep-in guy, probably because he works nights.  My room is a very neutral colour and this splash of colour would just be GREAT. I may however, warm it up with a redish tone rather than the purples.I also think it might look great with the top black and ...  We'll see... It's Friday and that means a trip to my mothers and the wait at the smokey bus shelter... The possibilities are endless.

Well as it turned out there were a great many hazardous things en route to my mother's and I didn't get to the "shop" so no luck on the hunt.   I don't know what it is about Fridays but everyone goes wild on the streets, water mains explode, people do things on railway tracks that are deadly.RIP. troubled souls no doubt. So my visit with my mom was quiet, she was well, and co-operative albeit sleepy.  She sleeps so much these days, catching up I guess.  

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Ellie said...

That end table is beautiful!! I'd love to find something like that! My favorite colors are purple and black!