Friday, June 5, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

It's about time*, I got some postcards from Barbados.

Isn't this a cute little house, and I love the Bus Stop. Reminds me of that Malibu Rum Commercial.

And then there is the lovely scenery.

My sisters each sent me a postcard separetly, I'm not sure what the value of money is but 3 stamps, I'm sure that equals at least one bottle of rum. Good thing they aren't big rum drinkers, like I am.

My husband and I spent our Honeymoon in Barbados, beautiful, beautiful flowers and beaches, and the rum mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Happy PFF.

* When I got these in the mail the other day, I thought "it's about time" and then I thought of that childhood rhyme, "It's about time, it's about space, it's about time I smashed your face." Isn't that awful so violent!

photos of postcards I own.


Anonymous said...

Irenka, clarification from one of your sisters - we did drink lots of rum and beer and wine. We had to drink for you too because you were there in spirit. Your husband was suggesting that we all go next year and I stopped him and reminded him that this is a "Girls Only" vacation, no "Boys" allowed. For your readers who followed one of the blogs - Donna, Alice and Barbara (Irene's sisters) had a wonderful time in Barbados. We did everything - ate well, drank plenty, played cards, spent $ and rested; I must say we still thought of home and emailed our family to ensure they knew we missed and loved them, but we were having the time of our lives. I think we are hooked on mudslides. Here's a drink to next year - same time, same place and hopefully with Irenka in tow!

Terry said...

I love your PFF post.
What a beautiful group .
Thank you for sharing .
Have a fantastic weekend.
Happy Trails

Susan Williamson said...

There's something addictive about postcards. I don't know whether it's the size, or the message and stamp on the back but I can never bear to throw any of them away.
P.S. How about: "It's about time, it's about space, it's about time I saw a new place."

Marie Reed said...

You HAVE to be there next year Irenka! This commercial cracked me up! The end with..'it's total gridlock' had me in stitches! This has sooo made my day my dear!

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