Thursday, June 4, 2009

Theme Thursday

Well just when you think I've run out of things to say here I go again. I was blog hopping last night after my very long walk, and discovered this site, Theme Thursday. Well it just so happens that I was unpacking yet another box from my mothers house and discovered a few little treats.

I must tell you how we came to have this clock. My mother had a friend "Sofia" who loved to shop, for fabric, at the Downtown Hamilton Eaton's store. Eaton's fabric department was rather expensive, but she always got the loveliest fabrics and I presume she had a charge card. So Sofia would purchase these lovely fabrics and bring them to my mother to sew dresses for her, she then didn't have the cash to pay for the job so it became a barter system, we got a couple of dogs, yes dogs, German Shepherds to be exact, and then Sofia started to sell off her household items. I remember her trying to sell me her bedroom set, I for the life of me couldn't figure out what she was going to sleep on if I bought it, anyway, Sofia sold my mother a chiming clock for around $30. Well when her husband, who was a collector of sorts, got wind of this he arrived at our door to reclaim his clock. I don't remember if my mother ever got paid for her work or not. Anyway now my mother was hooked on an old clock chiming away ever 15 minutes in a different tone, so one of our clients, Muriel H. had an antique shop and she brought my mother this clock. It was considerably more money than Sofia's clock, I think we sewed for Muriel of a year to pay it off. When we packed up my mother's living room I just couldn't give it away and as none of my sibling were interested it's here with me. I had it in a box until yesterday and every once in awhile it chimes and freaks me out, don't know where I'll put it at the moment but I think it needs a tune up.

After we were all grown, and my dad had died, my mother decided to travel a bit. The only place she wanted to go was Lourdes France. This is a clock she brought back as a souvenir. It's a only wind up alarm that ticks so loudly you are awake all night no need to set the alarm.

My friend Anna invited me over to help her hang a few things. They had just painted their home in preparation for their daughters wedding and she has a multitude of lovely old things. So she also has a mountain of clocks. These two clocks were one's that needed a home so I suggested to her daughter (a teacher) that she use them in a art creation, well they were not open to that, so I got them. (You know how I can't throw anything out).

I decided that I needed to dedicate one of my handmade journals to jotting down "Good Times" and so I've decided to include one of the clock faces or maybe both on the cover. The first one is going to be a funny memory of my brothers wedding. My brother got married July 1st 20 years ago. My son Sasha was born June 6th, 20 years ago, I was nursing*.. Alice, my sister and I talked about this last night. We decided they needed a wedding cake and we were going to make it. Alice had taken and cake decorating course and I bake so we went to it. Remember I had a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old and Alice lives about a 45 min. drive from my home. Well I somehow got lovely heart shaped pans and had the cake baked by the time Alice arrived, and I think she might have brought her girls with her, at least Andrea, I'm quite sure Andrea occupied my son Daniel while we were at it. I remember walking down to the cake decorating place to get roses, to poop Daniel out so he'd nap. Any way we baked and decorated this cake, and Alice then drove home with it in the heat, and I don't think she had air conditioning. I think we must have been nuts. Good Times, good laughs too, I'm sure there is still icing somewhere in my kitchen.

So that's my clock post, remember to take TIME to enjoy, I'm trying REALLY hard to do that.

* The reason I mention the "I was nursing" was, my mother-in-law graciously accepted babysitting Sasha, she gave him so much water that he didn't want to nurse, well I had now gone for more than 4 hours without relief, my boobs were exploding, all I could think of was that Woody Allen movie that the giant boob was rolling down the hill drowning everyone.
I must tell you I have no idea how I got all this green text happening, but it look o.k. sorry if it bothers your eyes.


tony said...

The Green Is Very Fetching!Welcome to Theme Thursday.
A Great Post.Thank You.

Ronda Laveen said...

Wonderful story of your clocks. How funny your mother's client's husband had to track his clock down. Loved how you used the other clocks in art projects.

That was a funny Woody Allen movie. Wasn't it called something like, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but were Afraid to Ask?

Welcome to TT.

Brian Miller said...

glad you found TT. great post. love the old clocks.

Megan said...

I like the green, too. Happy Thursday and thanks for playing along! I want all those clocks!

Wings said...

Very interesting take on some unique clocks!

The Silver Fox said...

Welcome to Theme Thursday!

I love the journal with the clock!

The movie was based on a popular sex "textbook" called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask).

Required reading for anyone entering puberty in the early 1970s, like... say... me.

Just Joni said...

One thing is for sure my should always know what time it is! "Theme Thursday"...what a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

irenka said...

No Joni, none of these clocks work.

National Pet Day...

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