Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An exciting day.

 It's Tuesday, and that's the day I spend with my 88yr. old mother. Today was dentist day. I don't remember oral hygiene being being all that important in our family as I was growing up. Maybe it was, I just don't remember it. I do remember going to the dentist and sitting in the waiting room next to a quite famous wrestler of that time. You see my mother loved to watch wrestling on Saturday night so as children and then teens we were allowed to stay up till 10 p.m. on Saturday because our mother was watching wrestling. So you can well imagine my excitement at the dentist's office when that famous wrestler was going in for a filling, just before me. Having rarely been to the dentist I didn't know that everyone got one of those little bibs chained around their neck. I assumed that the wrestler was so ferocious the dentist did this to protect himself. As I peered around to the examining room I was half hoping that the dentist would cause some pain and thus get wrapped into a half nelson or sleeper hold. Alas nothing like that happened. I followed in somewhat less nervous than I should have been, got a tooth ripped out and off I went. As my sister and I sat in the dentist's office today with our mother and the various components of her mouth were examined, cleaned and tuned up I thought who the heck thought of all these gadgets. Being the mother of a wanaby engineer, I imagine some brilliant engineer with a toothache. Of coarse when I got home I had to check it out on Wikipedia. The engineer also makes us watch all those weird shows, you know, How it's made. and Mythbusters etc. on the Discovery Channel. Did you know that even though Paul Revere is famous for riding around, he in fact was quite a denture craftsman. We certainly would not have thought of that, would we? I always liked Paul Revere. I'm so glad that he had other work, and politics was just a side line. I wonder if the British didn't show up would he have done some outstanding work in denture creations? Anyway till the next visit. Don't forget to brush your teeth.


Cathy said...

Irene: I am really enjoying your blogs. Find them quite amuzing (spelling does not look right)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

He looks like Jack Black!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan