Sunday, May 25, 2008

Moving Day

Do you remember when you moved. The preparation, the excitement. The cost. When I first moved from my room at my parents home to my dorm room I think I fit everything I needed into the back seat of my dad's car. Somehow when I moved back at the end of the semester it took me several trips. Now of coarse I had been bringing things back and forth for winter and a few more books that I bought through the school year, but who would have thought it would have been so much. When I got married and moved to our apartment it was much the same way. When we moved from our first house to the one we are presently in I painstakingly packed my china and crystal in small boxes so we could carefully take them in our car, thus avoiding mishaps. Well on moving day my husband could not be there( a likely story) so it was me and 8month old Daniel moving, picking up keys from the lawyers office etc. Remember I didn't drive then either. When I returned to find the move well underway, I nearly died all my china and crystal were the first things in the that big truck with fridge and furniture on top. (That right there was enough grounds for divorce). Some how nothing was broken except the bar items (which my husband packed, apparently he didn't know you had to tape the bottom of the box). My niece and her husband are moving into their new home soon. I can't imagine they are not excited. Hope they are packing well. You never seem to have enough time to pack everything. Seemingly you need everything until the last day, and then there is no time to pack it. Everyone has their own plan. There are many advice columns on everything, and moving is for sure an important preparation and an exciting new beginning. It will be great to have the summer to fix-up and make a new home. Here is a great moving list.
I can't imagine if I had to move to a smaller home now. I don't know what I'd have to get rid of. More and more of our friends are downsizing as they become part of the early retirees. What do you throw out? What can you do without? My altered art stay for sure, I must freak my kids out. He! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Irene you forgot to mention that it was also raining cats and dogs on your moving day.

Anonymous said...

Its just like going on vacation...its always easier to pack up to go, than it is coming home. I guess it seems less painful setting ourselves up for something we are looking forward to (a new home, going away to school, or going on vacation) than it is coming back to our everyday...but it is our everyday is what makes us appreciate the getaways and new things.
Andrea P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - we havent booked the moving truck yet - eeks!!

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan