Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Salon...or what's happening outside

this is the hydrangea I hacked out last fall, because it really is in the wrong spot, what a surprise
Sunday Salon finds me somewhat more thankful than I was last week.  The outside of our home is getting to the finish line, not quite finished but close.  I've had NO time in the garden, this year.  The yard has been filled with ladders and saw tables and such for more than I want to admit, like 3 months. However,
we've gone from this
to my resident boys, fixin' things up, I figured if they stayed any longer I'd have to  set a few more places at the dinner table
the picture of neglect, the ladders were constantly in the way and I couldn't do anything
the most # of blooms ever


Alyce said...

How nice that it's almost done! Having people do construction anywhere near where you live is trying, so I can only imagine what it was like to live in the house being worked on for that long. I hope it's done soon!

Donna said...

Your garden scenes look beautiful, so perhaps the plants are enjoying your neglect. Just kidding! I know that you will be glad when the construction work is done and your home is fixed up!

Jenny said...

Aaaaarrrgh I hate fixer-upper work in progress, dear Irene. But aren't the results nice. xoxo

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

It's all looking good, Irene.It's amazing what plants can survive and they do look beautiful.

Vicki said...

Your house is looking good! Love your garden photos!

Annie said...

Lovely plant photos...they are doing well.
Love your logic in your previous post re pinterest, and no new doorknobs or taps. Maybe quite wise.

Beth Niquette said...

What incredibly beautiful flowers! What are they? lol I love gardening, too. I also felt warm inside myself thinking of you putting up fruit for your boys so they can eat good stuff in the wintertime. Yep--pizza and chips--that's what they eat. (grin) ((hugs)) Have a lovely weekend, my Friend.