Thursday, August 21, 2014

Door Knobs...

I've been on Pinterest,  and as much I think this might be wasting a whole lot of time, I usually do it while I'm waiting.  Waiting for my family to come home for dinner,  waiting for my family to come home from work, waiting, waiting, waiting.  So Pinterest it is!  One of the boards I frequent,  Door Knobs.  I'm thinking today I'm like Aunt Esmeralda, from Bewitched, the one that collected door knobs.  Some are really unique, some not so much.  There's not much interest in the knobs in my house, and I fear Handy Andy would have a fit if I wanted to change some.  I can't help it, some interesting one's just pop out at me.  For example:  today I'm in Winners, looking for sock for diabetics, (Handy Andy), and there sitting all my it's lonesome a door knob that says "Welcome", can't buy that.  During the Buffy the Vampire Slayer years my boys wouldn't let me put a welcome sign up, because a vampire can't come in if you don't invite him.  So no Welcome door knob.  The boys have grown out of the "vampire" stage, but their mother is not so easily turned back, so still no Welcome signs.  

Then of course when I was discussing said knob with Handy Andy,  he couldn't hear me, and all I could think of was "he's as deaf as a door knob"  but which one?
image from Pinterest
or should I stick with exotic tapes
image from (thanks Becca Walker)

I'm dying for a new tap, the problem is it's rather pricey, and Handy Andy will want to install it, and you know what that means.  He'll drop the wrench and we'll need a new sink, and then we'll need a new floor, cause he'll crack a tile and we didn't keep any spares.  And at the end of all that, we'll have a funeral to pay for and legal fees for me, and jail time.  So....

Maybe I'll achieve catharsis just pinning things on a board.


Donna said...

Oh, I adore the door knob in that photo! I can't resist taking photos of interesting doors and door parts. Get your new faucet by not telling your DH and hiring a plumber instead! We want to avoid you having a criminal record, LOL.

Jenny said...

Haaaaaahahahaaha you crack me up, dear Irene. Poor TG, I can strike fear in his heart by saying something is broken (like the sink disposal the other night, which had stopped and before we knew it was technically my fault, I played TG a YouTube that gave a tip which fairly quickly solved the whole dilemma), but if I express a wish (no matter how heartfelt) to merely "improve" something around the house, mostly I get his patented thousand-yard stare. Meaning, in this household mostly we just do emergency surgery. Elective procedures, maybe once a decade. xoxo