Saturday, July 3, 2010

SM5S, Lamb

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I"ve decided today that I must do The Why and Wheres at the beginning of this post. The book I read this week was a strong recommendation from Jenners of Find Your Next Book Here. Jenners has a great sense of humor and since I've been so into historical fiction, which is not always funny, I thought I'd take her advice and read a Christopher Moore Novel. WELL! So I requested a copy from our local library and that's that.

1. The Book I Read: Lamb, Christopher Moore

2. Words to describe the book: Novel approach

3. Setting where it took place or characters you met: The characters in this book evolve during the early part of Jesus' life, in Jerusalem, Nazareth and the other biblical places we are familiar with. And while we are familiar (or at least I am) with the characters, like James, Simon, Mary Magdalene, Matthew, Judas etc. there is one character never mentioned in the bible and that is Levi called Biff, who is Christs childhood friend. Biff is the narrator of the book.

4. Things You liked or disliked about the book: I liked Biff, he was a little crude, but Moore sure gave him realistic qualities, by today's standards. I liked how liberated the women of the book were, not sure that was realistic. I liked how Mary Magdalene was not the "slut" we were led to believe she was. And that is also the part I didn't like. I'm not sure that part was believable. I really don't think women had that much "freedom" in those days so Moore's adventures for "Maggie" as she is called are not as believable as I'd like them to be. I do believe all these people could have been childhood friends, having lived this long I know that you can run into people from your childhood throughout your adult years. I think overall I like the imaginative way Moore filled in the gaps of Jesus' life prior to what we know of him in his thirties. I like to think of our God as having a sense of humor (we see that in some of his creations) and truly taking on human qualities, and thereby all those things that were ordinary about him may have been so.

5Star Rating or Less: I'm giving this book a 4, I'd suggest you put it on your TBR list, no hurry. It entertained me and was a pleasurable read. I think though it has also got me thinking of reading more on the subject that is near and dear to my heart. I'm sure regardless of the the research Moore did it must have been a difficult task to find actual facts that he could have based his fiction on.


Anonymous said...

This has been on my tbr list since reading Jenner's review. And now yours has made me want to read it even more! Have a good week :)

Cat said...

I tried Christopher Moore after Jenners reviews too but didn't really like my choice. I think this one would appeal more so might try it one day.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Jenners said...

I'm so glad you tried it!!! I'm know it isn't for everyone but I think he did an interesting job with filling in the gaps of what happened to Jesus during those years we don't hear too much about. After I wrote my review, my brother asked for my copy and I sent it to him and I was horrified when my mom told me she read it. I didn't know if it was a book she would appreciate. However, she found it interesting and was able to look past the more bawdy parts to find the interesting story that Moore had to tell.

I'm glad you liked it ... thanks for taking a chance on it!!

And sorry for being by so late ... we were out of town for the 4th so I'm a bit behind on everything blogging!

Anonymous said...

This was my first Christopher Moore book and I really liked it. I've read a few more, but this has been my favrite so far.

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