Sunday, July 4, 2010

Isn't She Beautiful ?

It's been a hot weekend. I've been in the closet (I have a hall closet that is a catch all)and out in the garden but yesterday afternoon was so hot that I needed to come in. In my JULY cleaning blitz, I decided I'd better clear out the closet, (now that the Christmas Ornaments are sorted) of coarse now I want lovely baskets to store them in. In the process I still found many a box that came from my mother's home. Since I'm a little low on vases, I thought my roses would look lovely here. (roses casualty of pruning).

If you read my post on Fridays, I do a Postcard Friendship Friday post hosted by Beth at the Best Hearts Are Crunchy. Beth inherited a great collection of her Grannie's post cards. I on the other hand inherited a great many religious statues and cards. I thought I'd take this little statue to my mom's for her room. I don't know where this particular piece came from (other than my mother's home) it usually had some significant presentation. For example I only just threw out a pink lamb, also a flower holding thingy, it finally fell apart when I pour water into it to hold my daisy (which I pilfered from the school garden, well you know since I planted them), it was brought to us by our German Shepherd a great many years ago,my brother must have been a toddler, so say 40 years ago. We lived in a house that edged a creek/wooded area on two sides. Before we had neighbors the dog roamed around freely, and often would go down the creek, and bring back strange things, I still have a soup tureen that she brought up. So I'm wondering about this piece too. When the farmer sold the remainder of his property a subdivision was born and our dogs had to be penned. We had some great adventures as kids in that creek. It's now a slice of woods between homes and a very noisy expressway. Such is progress.

Anyway back to inheritances. I love Beth's postcards, and I appreciate the sentimentality of a granddaughter loving her Grannies things, do you suppose my mother's granddaughter /grandsons will feel that way. I hope so I have a whole lot of "things". When I cleared things out I asked for takers, not too many. After all these things don't match any decor... I always feel if you're a good decorator there is a place for every precious thing.

think I'll keep this one.


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Bellissima... :-))

jenniferw said...

Your dog brought you a soup tureen from down by the creek? And you still have it? Do you actually use it? That's a great story. Lovely photos ... happy Fourth of July to you, Irene!

Jenny Girl said...

This is a beautiful vase. The roses look perfect here.

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan