Monday, April 19, 2010

Question of the Week

Jenners from Find Your Next Book Here posts a question each week and I thought rather than just commenting on her post, I'd post my own answer.
Question of the Week: Life-Changing Books
This week question comes from Steph The Bookworm:
Has any book you've ever read been life changing for you?

I have a series of books that changed my life. I know I read I think everything about fertility and having babies, and raising babies and child development, but the one book I think I read that most changed my life was quite simply the first book I read by Mel Levine, Educational Care. I then proceeded to read "A Mind at a Time, The Myth about Laziness.

Educational Care presents a wealth of information regarding weak attention control, phenomena related to: reduced remembering, to chronic misunderstanding, deficient output, delay skill acquisition, and to poor adaptation. In addition, this book has chapters for the provision of education care, assessment and management, and implications and applications for the misinterpreted child. The Appendixes is a valuable resource for every teacher to peruse and use for those students whom could benefit from such helpful planners and organizers.

Educational Care gives tremendous assistance on both fronts:educational strategies in the classroom and strategies that the home caregiver can provide to assist children with learning problems

I continued to read books on this subject throughout my childrens school days, and still from time to time read things, but that first book, changed my life, gave me hope and most of all TOOLS.

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Jenners said...

Good choices! I do think that child-rearing books that help you out at critical times can be the most life-changing books of all.

®osadimaggio63 said...

Hi Irene,
personalmente io non ho libri che mi hanno cambiato la vita....
Buona serata.

Karen said...

One of my "important" books was "kids are worth it" by Barbara Colarosso. It truly taught me that kids can be raised in a friendly, positive and disciplined way, without physical measures. I recommend it to all new moms to be and to those struggling....

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