Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's like telling the teacher the dog ate your homework...

Can you imagine telephoning your boss and telling him you can't come to work because a Volcano erupted and you are STUCK in Paris, it's like telling your teacher the dog ate your homework. Almost unbelievable. Well that's what's happening in the world today. Our two friends are stuck in Paris. Oh to be so stuck. This is a gift from the gods. I pictured Carmi and Nancy running to the flea market just to get away from the lava in my dreams last night. It was one of those nights I was sleeping single in a double bed, I tend to dream in old Hollywood. I always loved how the people would make it to the canoes just in time before the lava reached them. Maybe all the volcano wants is a sacrificial virgin.


me again said...

It can be fun for sure, depending on the circumstances. My 75-yr-old MIL is stuck in Scotland, was due to return today and has been told they won't be leaving until Friday. I hope she has enough pills with her to accommodate this delay and is treating this as an adventure rather than an inconvenience. She's pretty good about going-with-the-flow, but as this drags on I wonder how much fun it'll seem. And my older SIL and her daughter have had to cancel their British travel plans for this week (a graduation present, sadly; I hope they can re-book soon).

Personally, I would have a BLAST being "stuck" somewhere in Europe!! :-)

Annie said...

Yes, it is a strange world we live in isn't it? Amazing what a natural event can do to put out so many people on the planet!

Thanks for popping by my Psalm. Good to catch up here, but will be back.