Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday

I have neglected my Friendship Fridays over the last few weeks, so time to reaquaint myself with the great stuff on Marie's site. Marie over at The French Factrice
hosts Postcard Friendship Fridays, she is chalk full of info along with her posts of great post cards. Do visit.

My contribution came from a quick visit to the Antique Fair at Sherway Gardens. It's hard to believe that I worked in that mall for nearly 7 years, and now I don't know where anything is. But, it was o.k. to get lost in the Antiques, I browsed at leisure with friend. As is in my banner at the top this blog was created as a research vesel for my romance novel, I've done little but collect ideas for characters. What does this have to do with this postcard, well... When we were growing up and listening to stories of my mother's youth we were told that she not only had a pony around but actually got a stalion whom she named Zigmund. I don't think this was a typical horse name, but, anyway shortly after her marriage the war broke out and Zigmund was taken to be used by the army, so we don't know if it was a Black Stallion story in the end or something more gallant. Seeing this postcard reminded me of everyone who's little wanting a pony, and from the one very little photo I have of my mom when she was very young this looked like her, so I'm buying a little girl for my scrap book. Enjoy PFF.

If you haven't yet entered, please read my One World One Heart posting and enter your name there to win one of my giveaways. And if you have already entered, good luck!


dandelionlady said...

That's such a classic image, the girl and her horse. Thanks for sharing it! I was obsessed with Black Beauty when I was a girl. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm having so much fun with PFF!

AnitaNH said...

Happy PFF a day late! I love "Stop pulling my hair." So nice that it reminds you of your mother. The Antique Fair sounds like fun!

Lyneen said...

What a cute postcard. I can see this on an ATC!!!! tFS PFF!

Debs said...

i really enjoyed this very personal interpretation of a found image...happy albeit belated PFF!

Marie Reed said...

It sounds like your Mother is a hoot! What a creative soul she has:)Just like here daughter! Zigmund. That gave me a chuckle!