Monday, November 23, 2009

A Knight in Shinning Armour

I'm not sure my mom thought of my dad as a Knight in Shinning Armour, but this is the stuff of fairy tales. He does look like he's come to her rescue doesn't he? I don't think this was my mothers horse Zigmund either, but then again I might be wrong. Well this Knight would have been 96 years old today.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

What an endearing post. When I hear this music, I see your smiling face as we sat in Karolina's eating traditional food. The look on your face when the polka tunes came on was like no other. Your Dad would be so proud of you, keeping up the "traditions".

Marie Reed said...

Happy Birthday to your dashing Father! This is a magical hommage to him:)

Catherine Holman said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing the story about the Christmas tree skirt. It still amazes me that other people wanted to paint my designs! Hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving.