Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mellow yellow Monday

Well today it truly is mellow. Yeah right! It's been an odd back to school time. I feel like I'm running non stop. Well I guess I've been neglecting my household duties and someone finally noticed that I wasn't doing "it". Which of course is not true, I was still doing "it" but not as quickly as "they would like. Well in my leisure (huh) I noticed out my window that my roses were blooming in spite of this bitter cold. So I went out to bring it in from the cold. My young son was after a favourite shirt, which lay clean on the to be ironed pile, His words, " Mom maybe you could manage your time a little today, and do my laundry." Well I'll manage my time alright. I suppose bringing in the roses is considered to be frivolous waste of my time. Anyway... While I was standing and ironing, I was just thinking, look at this dusty mauve rose, it's all tight even when it's fully open, like she's opening up reluctantly,I've always associated that colour with elder ladies. The yellow, all bright and sunny, opens up all free and easy, like the sunshine, a colour I associate with happy young things. I know, I know I need to get back to "it". But a little distraction is not such a bad thing now is it? So how are you managing your time today? I'll be rolling up the rest of the garden, and doing the rest of the things I don't do, just doing "it". Happy Mellow Yellow, check out the rest of the gang at Mellow Yellow Monday.

P.S. Watch for an altered view of that chair in the background, coming soon to an upholstery class near me.


Linnea W said...

Those are both beautiful roses and I like how you "staged" them next to the spider!

Sheress said...

Nicely bloomed and you go at your own leisure. Relax the work is not going to run away. :)

Coffeedoff said...

Beautiful flowers, I love roses!

Anonymous said...


You dont have to "manage" your time - tell the boys they can do their own laundry!!!


Angie said...

Love the roses & I suppose the spider will be changed when the chair gets a new coat. Thanks for your visit.

Irene said...

This is a chair I picked up at the Goodwill store, many moons ago. I like to keep a chair at the entry way to sit and put my shoes/boots on. Since this chair needs some tender loving care I had a spider cloth on it, and a spider. When I brought my roses in the doorway,(with my muddy shoes) I just put them on the chair, they looked so good I left them there for the photo. The chair actually looks good too, but the spot where the spider cloth is, is a hole. And since I'm no where near fixing it in my upholstery class it shall be that way for a bit. I don't really like spiders, but I love Halloween so the spider come out.

Sandi said...

Beautiful roses Irene! I am glad you took time to enjoy them.
How am I managing my time today? I'm not. lol
Too tired to do much so just lazing around and internet/blog surfing.
Have a blessed day!

Carletta said...

So sorry I didn't make it by on Monday. Thanks for stopping by MYM. :)
These roses are gorgeous and what a nice surprise to find roses this time of year. Lucky you!

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