Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A-Z Wednesday "L" Little Book of Little Quilts

The Little Book of Little Quilts is my choice for A-Z Wednesday. the letter "L".

Synopsis: Thirty exciting little quilt designs. Suitable for absolute beginners and experienced quilters. Perfect as crib covers, small wall hangings, and pillow covers. Ideal projects for learning techniques of the beautiful art of quilting.

After Leslie and I had visited and taken classes at the Creative Festival, and bought all those fat quarters, I hauled out my quilting books. This is a really nice one, not too complicated just enough to keep me awake in the evenings whilst watchin' crappy television.

There have been so many interesting postings from the participants of A-Z Wednesday that I been reading non-stop. Thank You All.

Photo of the book I own.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I haven't even finished my class quilt yet. That's about as "Little" as they come...is there such a thing as a "Little" project?? I think not.

Beth said...

I love to look at quilting books. Maybe one day I'll have time for it!

kaye said...

now this is a book I could curl up in and feel all warm and cozy. I love looking at quilts--and quilting. Nice find. Thanks for stopping by today.

Zia said...

I would love to quilt someday.

busy91 said...

Gosh, I love quilting books. Haven't looked at one in a while though.

Vicki said...

My mom was a wonderful quilter, but I never learned.

Thanks for playing!

Trish said...

Hey Irene! I noticed that you've been keep track of your miles for the fitness challenge over here. It doesn't look like you've officially signed up (which is OK if you don't want to), but I did want you to know that you're welcome to sign up and also to report your miles on Fridays with the other folks. Whatever you decide, I'm just glad you're walking and scaring the crap out of that devil. :)



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