Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weedless Wednesday

Being a natural blonde, I'm thinking as I'm planting my mother's day gift (2 clematis plants) I should declare this Weedless Wednesday, and not the kind you might think.

This is a white columbine that just appeared on the otherside of my cedar hedge. I love it, there are not too many plants this year, so no weeding in this bed, this year.

I can't remember what this is, it's a bulb, the squirels have stollen the rest of the clump, but it looks like a firecracker. I think a lillium?

I think these are the Bethlehem star? Lovely and white.

This is the white Iris, my boys bought me for last Mother's Day, it's huge, easily the size of a grapefruit. Love it, love it.

So when I looked around I couldn't believe my "eye rises" It's not weeds, it's all those plants that at this time of year go wild. The Irises are going strong, as are I think Bethlehem star, and some other little plant that just will not be pulled. My goal for this part of the garden was all white, mother nature had her own idea. So weedless wednesday will have to wait until next week.

Well I had intended to post these photos in Brenda's Photo Challenge, as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" my reasoning being, that even though at this time the garden looks messy, each bloom is beautiful, so I'll have to come up with some other beautiful things.

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nancy said...

lovely garden! and it's only just begun!

National Pet Day...

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