Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Look Ma vellous

Well Well, Today is a special day. My sister Alice celebrates another year. She looks marvelous doesn't she? She's a good friend, a great sister, a loving mother/grandmother and a very caring daughter and then in her spare time she's a great professor. Way to go lady!


Anonymous said...

Yes...she is a marvellous lady...definitely a wonderful mom. Always there for everyone. Hope I can be a great mom like her (yes Pooshy, I hope I can be like you).
Love, Adi xoxo

Anonymous said...

I second that - she is a GREAT woman, mom (and Ba - ca)!!!

Love M

Anonymous said...

Well, these two comments left by daughters have left me speechless - are you surprised at that? Thank you girls, it means so much to hear that. Mom and Bacia Alice

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