Sunday, January 4, 2009

How honest are you?

I received this award from Annette and it is a fun activity to share ten little HONEST tidbits about me...I didn't know how difficult it would be to come up with new stuff that I could just put out there... I am suppose to pass it on to seven others, but am more inclined to offer it as a challenge. It really is more difficult than you can imagine.

1. I love being a mom. Even though it's REALLY hard sometimes to let them grow up.

2. I have a very difficult time throwing away old things, even if everyone thinks it's just junk.

3. I'm glad that I can speak up for myself and others without being embarrassed.

4. I'm never ashamed or myself, my home(in any state, including the people living in it), my choices and most of all my faith.

5. I just need to know how to do things, like paint, make jewelry, knit, even if I never do it again or for profit, I love to know how it's done. And I'm so grateful when someone shares their secrets of "how to"with me. I hope I never make them feel like I'm stealing.

6. I feel very honored that my brother-in-law (M.S.) cares about me and mine the way he does, he sure doesn't have to, he goes way beyond his marital promises to my sister.

7. Even though my place of residence is often untidy, I have a terrible hang-up about Newspapers being all over the place, and the recycling not just so.

8. I think I'm honest, and caring about others feelings but I'm having a very hard time holding my tongue sometimes, Is that lying?

9. I try to be sensible about some cleanliness issues,and I'm not hung up on "Clean". However I cannot sleep in the same pajamas more than once without feeling icky and no one sleeps on MY pillow.

10. I know I'm weird and I'm o.k. with that.

11. I had to add a number. I absolutely hate when you're at a lovely dinner, at your own home or someone elses, and it's a major rush to clear the table and SCRAPE the dishes so you can stack them and take them all in one swoop. I believe the point of gathering for dinner intimate or extended family should be to spend time with each other, surely we all have enough to eat. Sharing a meal is a very intimate experience, as I see it. You don't sit down with strangers to eat. And then after spending many many hours planning and preparing the meal, we scrape it all off so it looks like garbage, just so we can clean up and get rid of our company faster. I even try not to do the dishes, I like to be with my company, the dishes will be there when they leave. Now that's just me, maybe I'm wrong. But if you come to my house for dinner or lunch or breakfast I'll be sitting with you and not doing dishes.

Now I'm supposed to link in 7 bloggers to do the same. I don't have the heart to do that. So please choose yourself and join the fun.


MarissaDW said...

Definitely a good challenge, I think I will try it. I'll have to mull it over tonight....maybe while I'm at the hospital visiting my aunt.

jojo ala said...

I was able to finished reading your blog from the is quite interesting.I'm a fan.goodluck on your romance your blog through my friend Marissa

Annette said...

Thank you for sharing a little bit more about yourself, I like your idea about waiting to do the dishes, I never thought of it like you do, but you know what I love your idea. I laughed at # 10 =)& #4 our home is our castle, and when I go to visit people I go to see them not their home. I could comment on all of them but I like you just like you are! Thanks again for being s good sport and participating!!

Just Joni said...

I enjoyed learning little tidbits about you...always fun to find commonalities!

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