Monday, November 17, 2008

The Third Sunday of the Month is bookbinding...

The Third Sunday of the Month has just become bookbinding Sunday. And Yesterday was no exception. Carolyn Disher once again patiently instructed us in our "Little Fat Book". I wish I had a digital camera to show you mine. I had decided to keep a gift journal. Since my memory is sometimes not at it's peek, I've decided to write down what I buy for whom. I hate missing a birthday, so this is the way I will have to remember. The little fat book has twelve signatures. One for every month. I can not only record birthdays, but check off what I bought as a gift or if I only send a card, to the celebrant I can check that off. The little fat book can stand on my nightstand so I can check what's happening tomorrow. It also has a woven spine with fibres and coloured ribbon and beads. It's not only decorative and functional but was a fun project for seven very nice ladies. Sometimes you can do a class with just the right kind of participants, you sometimes get to know people and are introduced to some great careers and the discussion goes into many territories. Yesterdays was Coronation Street. Apparently, according to Juliette (one of the participants) not everyone in that British town lives that way. We talked about pets, and health and much more whilst creating. Looking forward to the next time ladies. By then Santa will have brought me a digital camera and I'll post a photo of my creation.

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