Sunday, November 9, 2008

I should just weld that...

All these parts, I should just weld them together and drive away. But before I can do all that I need to clean them. A little vim ought to do it. I've been looking for that Natura Cloth that Leslie recommended, that ought to help as well. I've decided to dedicate the whole garage to car stuff. I'll be moving out my project to be, not sure where, maybe Roosters Retreat will be available, I may sell the lawnmower, after all that thyme is still so fragrant. I'm thinking of assembling the Christmas lights just in case we have another nice day. I'll be clipping some evergreen and putting the Christmas Tree stands in their spots in anticipation. I think I might even assemble my Christmas Card list, must send some this year, I don't seem to get those out on time usually. I love Christmas music but, I really get sick of it when that's all you hear in the malls from Halloween on. Now all I need a little energy.

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