Sunday, November 30, 2008

The first Sunday of Advent...

When my boys were little Advent was such an exciting time for them. I think it was the lighting of the candles that made it so. There is something warm and wonderful about eating by candlelight. Well now I'm HOME ALONE on the first Sunday of Advent, can't find my advent wreath. I turned my usual hiding spots upside down, and I'll be dining by electric light tonight. The challenge I always gave my boys was that they were to come up with an advent prayer each week, (new one) self composed. Wish I had kept them all. I did keep ones they tried to pass off as their own, ones they brought home from school. Daniel at one point really got into it (pyromaniac that he is) and we lite candles everyday. I will not rest tonight until I find my wreath. Take time to enjoy the little video below.

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