Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please don't shut your pie hole.

Most of you know that I've been compiling a favorite's cookbook and hand binding it. Not sure why? I've had to put my romance novel on hold for a short time, just not feeling very romantic these days. On Wednesday evenings I watch a show called Pushing up Daisies. It is centralized in a Pie Shop. Well that is a good thing. I've been toying with the idea of baking a pie, someday soon. I was telling Sasha, my viewing partner, that I haven't baked a pie since he was born, actually since I went into labour while taking out a peach and apricot pie out of the oven. My goofy husband startled me and I dropped that delicious pie and went to the hospital. I can tell you that all I thought about was having a slice of it when I got home. Alas, there was none left. And since I decided I was no longer eating for two I stopped baking pies. Well, as I come to that part in my cookbook, I think of what pies would I like to include in this chapter. Lemon, peach & apricot are a for sure. My sister Donna makes pumpkin and apple at this time of year, but I'm not a pumpkin kind of cook. So I'll have to do some serious contemplating on this since I limit myself to just 3 favorites. (My book is getting too thick to stitch together).
What are your favorites? Don't count the calories or the cholesterol contribution in these recipes. I feel a song coming on... photo of ghost over pie, a painting I did for my cookbook.


Anonymous said...

Key lime pie is great...I know its not homemade, but President's Choice makes a great key lime pie.
My personal favourite pie is pumpkin...not really a fan of cooked fruit.
Adi :) xoxo

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Butterscotch pie is my favourite.

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