Saturday, October 4, 2008

Antiques Road Show

Often when I'm in control of the T.V. remote, I get to watch the Antiques Road Show. Usually I have Sasha's laptop with me and am eager to look up things. One of the things I looked up was an artist that I could swear my mother had hidden in her moldy basement. The excitement mounted as I took my bus to her house to pull it down from the wall and out of the frame anxiously looking for the # I had researched to see if it was a treasure. Alas it was a five and dime copy. I am so amazed that people don't know what valuables they have in their basements. I'm sure there are couple of other goodies down there. Not sure if I'll benefit from the hunt, but it can be exciting. And what would I do with such treasures. I like treasures with history, I don't think that's what the experts call it. Like the clock that my mother use to have in her living room, it belonged to a lady named Zofia Jendreczyk, she wanted my mother to make her more than one dress and this was the payment. I don't think it ever chimed, (my father being on night shift too often). One day when Zofia's husband got wind that she was trading off his antiquities for designer garments(my mother's designs)he dropped in and paid the bill and asked for his clock back. What a shame, I wonder where it is now, since they have both died, no kids. Probably at some Goodwill. I'm always looking there too. I have a couple of vases that Pani Kowalski talked me into buying when I was a starving student, she was working at Mills ( the china store) and I kept looking at them when I waited for the bus to go back to my dorm room, she convinced me that they would be worth something someday. It was a consignment. I loved them, and she let me put them on layaway. Imagine that, the bill totaled $30 and I put them on layaway. I still have them, Daniel plans on buying himself a Lamborghini when "I no longer need them" not a bad investment. Anyway I hope everyone looks at their treasures a little closer before you get ready for the garage sale. Like my crochet/embroidery treasures, I can picture Pani Dubiel crocheting, my sister Donna sleeping by the heat knitting, such memories you can't buy those. You could however, scrap them.

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National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan