Saturday, June 7, 2008

Que Sera Sera

I was born in the early 50's. In my profile you'll see that I love to listen to Doris Day Weird huh! I'm nothing if not weird. I just felt like listening to Que Sera Sera the other day and when I Googled it, I got all kinds of interesting facts about Doris. I have a dear friend named Doris. Haven't seen her for awhile, but she always puts things in perspective for me re: my boys. Being the mother of 3 adult boys she is so calm I sometimes want to shake her up and say get mad. I'm sure she does. I met Doris during World Youth Day. Doris and I volunteered at our Parish. We were then permitted to attend many of the attractions, of course I was on the security committee, (I don't know why, but people assume your a cops wife, you must know everything there is to know about security)anyway, I arranged a security pass for Sasha since he was too young to participate, and Daniel was working and off Doris, Sasha and I went downtown, on the bus. She nearly died when I suggested it, having driven everywhere all the time. Well when we got off the subway at Parliament, it was very crowded, and I was not sure about the direction, so I went to ask one of our boys in blue, (leaving Sasha with Doris, you know Sasha often wears orange so I thought no problem I'll find them even in a crowd>) Well! when I got my directions straightened out I got turned around and panic set in, here I was a responsible mom, leaving my child with a woman I hardly knew and she TOOK him, (did I mention Doris isn't very big, and if push came to shove Sasha could beat her up if need be.) Anyway that orange head and shirt came through and I found them, my heart jumping out of my chest, they were just where I left them waiting patiently. We had a wonderful evening together and Doris has been my friend since, and both my boys have grown to really care for her.

See how easily I am distracted. Back to Doris Day. I'm sick of my hair. So I thought I'm going to look for a new do. I love the way Doris Day always had her hair so groomed. We don't see that in our young actors anymore. Look at Jennifer Aniston, a lovely young lady, but don't you just want to comb her hair. So I'm checking out Doris hairdos for inspiration. I even think I'm going back to being a blond, I truly think I have more fun. Sometimes I don't recognize myself in the mirror with this brownish tone.

What does this have to do with my romance novel you ask? I'm trying to do a physical profile of my heroine. Doris Day it's you! Maybe a little spicier, but definitely with combed hair. ().

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Irene said...

I can't believe no one had anything to say about this post. I hope they at least listened to the song.

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