Friday, June 27, 2008

Heaven must be missing an angel...

This beauty is my niece Andrea. She is thoughtful, smart, organized, kind, a mother's right hand. (Many mothers are grateful). A great wife, granddaughter, daughter, sister, neice, aunt, cousin and friend. Well you get the idea. She will never disappoint you. She will never say no, if you ask for help. She will always do her best. She will always make you smile and she will always do the right thing. She makes us very proud.
Happy Birthday .

I'm adding these guys, because when she ran for class president her hair was styled just like the guys in this line up.


Anonymous said...

Well Ciocia, you brought tears to my truly touches my heart that you think that of me. I really appreciate those feelings. Thank-you for helping shape part of who I am today. Love you, Adi xoxo

Anonymous said...

Andrea celebrated a very happy birthday! Her mother cannot believe that she has a 30 year old daughter and the question is..."how old was the mother when Andrea was born?" I believe 10 years old??????

Andrea you are a wonderful daughter and I cherish our relatioinship (even if you THINK that you are the boss of me). AMS