Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Salon...

my eldest with Optimus Prime

Sunday Salon finds me a little more than thankful, thankful the summer is over.  I always look forward to having free time in the summer to play in the garden and the sewing room/painting room, but this summer, much like last year was stolen from me.  It's all mother natures fault.  Well Mother nature has given us a COLD weekend.  Too cold for the beach, too cold for outdoor adventures, like painting my much needed painting porch railing, just too cold.  BUT, we have spent a few days visiting with lost family members.  I think my MIL was very happy, exhausted, but happy.  I felt for her yesterday, how hard it must have been to say good bye to a son she hadn't seen for TOO many years.  What happens to seemingly normal kids, that go off to college and loose their way home.  I don't know, but my boys sure got a talking to. A mother wonders "will this parenting never end"?

When my eldest, pictured above, moved out,  I thought part of my heart was cut away, you get used to the absence, but never the emptiness,  although I'm packing up his lego and sending it off to his place.  He claims he loves his new digs so much, he may never move again.  Maybe I did something right? He lives in a century home, or part of it,it's been divided up into flats.  Yesterday he ripped up the kitchen, asked if I had any spare wall board, so that's getting packed up too.  I hope I've instilled the appreciation of History in my boys.  So as you can see Sunday Salon finds me packing... after mass and a quick visit to Marks Work Warehouse.
Hopefully the temps will rise and I'll be getting to that porch railing in the a.m.  


Donna said...

I guess you always worry about your kids, no matter how old they get! Hope you get your painting done. It's been a hot and humid summer here in TN and we are now blissfully enjoying some cooler temperatures this week.

Jenny said...

Dear Irene, you are a good mother, a great mother, one whom your sons will always know both where you stand and how deep your loving support runs. No the parenting never ends, but the rewards don't either, and it's gratifying to see them finding their way and enjoying their life. Your boys have you and their father to thank for their opportunities and the grounded life you sacrificed to provide. xoxo Although we have no "winter" to speak of here, I too am looking so forward to cooler temps and lower humidity.