Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Books that caught my eye...

Every Wednesday for Books That Caught Our Eye, Serena, Leslie and Vicki from I'd rather be reading at the beach will each share 2 books that grabbed their attention from  Mailbox Monday post. I decided to join them, and share the books that caught my eye.

 and here they are:

 Good Chinese Wife: A Love Affair with China Gone Wrong by Susan Blumberg-Kason (saw the review on Trish's blog and thought Hmmm) and then again on Vicki's. ( so in fact it caught both my eyes)

The Bee Keepers Ball, Susan Wiggs, spotted this on a number of blogs, but Nise at Under the Boardwalk recently read it and ... the TBR pile grows

The month of September I'd decided to read from my shelf, so hopefully these will somehow find their way there,  just sayin'.

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