Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Feelings...

As you all may recall I'm part of a group of adults who like to do furniture refinishing.  I had wanted to do this forever.  We also sit around at lunch time and solve the worlds problems.  One of the ladies who belongs to a walking group was telling us about a trip her group had taken to Nevada.  As they were walking along they stumbled on a large rattler, yes the snake variety.  He didn't rattle.  And so began snake stories.   My contribution was one at my mom's house.  Most summers, when my boys were young, we'd spend many weeks at my mom's house.  It was our home away from home.  I did windows and gardening and the boys had this vast yard to play in, and dogs, and cats, and birds.  My mother would always tell us these outrageous stories of snakes in her yard, or garage of someplace else.  But, one day we were in the yard, I can't remember what I was doing , but my son Daniel was out with my mom's German Shepherd, Ara (Ah rah) just walking around looking for trouble, when all of a sudden Ara pinned my boy against the wall and started barking.  You can well imagine the panic in my step as I wonder what the H... the dog was doing, she'd always been so gentle with him.  When I arrived on the spot, there it was a big yellow stripped snake curled up in the sun. Ara was protecting my boy from that evil snake.
My sister Barbie (she hates when we call her that) is doing a 365 photo a day challenge.  This is her most recent.  It's not our Shepherd, but it's "Shadow" or at least that's who I'm saying it is.  She could be posting this photo on Shadow Sunday.  Got any snake stories?


Vicki said...

What a great story! Dogs are not only our best friends, they're our protectors too!

Shadow is a gorgeous dog!!

And yes, I have a snake story:
Many years ago I was taking a shower and all of a sudden the water just stopped. Since the pump house was outside, I grabbed a towel and went outside and around the back of the house to check it out(we lived in the boonies with no neighbors). I turned the breaker off and back on and the pump started, so I headed back to the house. I was a few feet from the pump house door when I spotted a huge snake laying in the sun catching some rays. How I missed it on the way out is still a mystery. I could have gotten bitten and there would have been no one to hear me screaming my head off!

Beth Niquette said...

Wow! That is a great story. You had me at word one....snake. (grin) I've always loved regular garter snakes--red, green and blue racers, but they are not the poisonous time.

Dad told the story of coming home with a pocketful of baby rattlers. lol They could have killed him, but Dad always did have a way with all kinds of animals. Even then.

National Pet Day...

This is our pet cat, he lived with us for 18 years, adopted from a shelter, best cat ever. RIP Keahan