Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

Today is Thursday and as usual I've got everyone out the door, except me.

Out side my window:  it is yuky, grey and dull, looks like it's a bit windy (which is good, it'll dry up the wetness). Rainy and gloomy. BUT, the earth is peeking through the snow piles.

I am thinking:  how on earth I'm going to make a size 20 dress into a size 14. 

I am thankful for the skills I learned throughout my sewing career to do this without making it look "homemade".

In the Kitchen:  Salmon and rice for supper.  And a whole lot of dishes, not sure that dishwasher like me.

I am creating:  well, yesterday I thought I'd finish the protective coat on the desk I'm rebuilding for my son, but I think I may need one more coat and there is a 24hr. drying time. Since I don't work at home, that will have to wait till Tuesday,  I don't want to do it at home with the dust and cat hairs all around it.  At the school we have industrial fans to remove all that dust and fumes.

I'm still reading "five little pigs"  Agatha Christie. I know I've read this before, but for the life of me I can't remember who dunit!

I'm looking forward to our spring Painting Convention.  Wed - Sat. painting adventures.  And I think I may do a getaway with this group in August.

One of my favorite things is to visit Ottawa Street.  It's a dingy little street with a great deal of very old buildings many in disrepair, but it's getting a new life with the antique alley, it was previously fabrics, now it's a little of both.

Around the house, well I've got the sheet rock walls up in my studio/sewing room.  Bravo for my boys.  Handy Andy and Daniel.  Now we are waiting for the guy to come in a tape them and then primer and paint. 

Plans for the weekend include a Bridal Shower.  My nephew's bride is having a shower on Sunday.  Interesting, it's a money shower (which I hate, and I'll be protesting, and buying a gift)  I also saw on Pinterest how to make a money rose, think I may try that, if time permits.

I'm thinking I may take a yoga class in the spring/summer, I'm so stiff every morning, it takes forever for me to loosen up, and I believe my dishwasher fall was due to the weakness in my core. My fear is that I'll get into the downward dog and not be able to get up again. Wonder if they have a hoyer lift on the premises?

These suggested topics are from the simple woman's daybook, but I'm not linking up since I was supposed to do that on Tues, and forgot.


Trish said...

oh I love that flower rose. My sister is getting married this year and maybe I'll do something like that for her bridal shower. Very pretty.

Good idea about the yoga. I keep meaning to do strength training exercises like yoga or pilates...but coffee and a book usually win during naptime. ;)

Hope you get some sunshine soon!!

Beth Niquette said...

Wow! You are one busy, creative lady! I wanted to thank you for the hug, sweet Friend. (HUGS)back atcha! (grin)

kelley jensen said...

I sometimes think I need a lift here at home :D

Jenny the Pirate said...

If you need a hoyer lift to get out of the downward dog yoga pose, dear Irene, I submit you may need to indulge only in the best exercise in the world: walking. But for you, nowhere near the dishwasher, in any direction. In the morning, do some simple stretches. I'm glad you're planning a getaway in August and I know your son's desk will be gorgeous. Have a great weekend, my friend. xoxo

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Yoga! Yes, it does help with flexibility. I used to take a step-aerobics class but my knee got too cranky (osteoarthritis) and the doctor said to switch to something low impact.

I do yoga at home. I checked out a bunch of DVDs from the library to figure what type of yoga I like. My favorite one is "Yoga for Dummies". I'm serious. It's really a DVD. It's easy to do and easy to follow along. And it works. Now if only I was motivated to do it more often I'm sure I'd feel even better in the mornings.

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