Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Salon

I didn't need to get to the hospital last night, but almost.  I don't know what happened, (probably Handy Andy's fault), but I just fell back onto the  open dishwasher, thank goodness it was empty.  The foreign object could have been a wooden spoon, or spatula.  Wouldn't that have been an interesting conversation in the ER. 

Anyway Sunday Salon finds me rather sore, I have wopping bruise on my butt and my arm too.  I even feel like I have whiplash.  So today will be not so productive.  I've tried over the last few evenings to sort through magazines and recipes clipped from magazines and filled several recycling bags , oddly enough I don't think I really made any more room.  But, I needed to get to a box at the back of the room and all these things were in the way.  I will be so glad to get back to my sewing/studio room and everything out of laundry baskets and boxes, but that may be a while yet.  If we have a spring flooding, I'm leaving, and never coming back.  

I don't know what movie this clip is from, but I've always found Gene a little Wilder.  This was posted on Jay Skiba's facebook page, and I thought "how did Jay know I fell"  well if you continued to read the comments which at the time of posting I had not, you know Jay is a unique individual.  

I was thinking I might kick Handy Andy out of the family room, and make it our library.  That would be another  check off my bucket list.  Maybe I'll just let him watch tv there.  But, then where to move his office?   It would be perfect for a library , not too much sun, not too much dust, and not too much chance of flooding.  Hmm food for thought.  Maybe he could have a corner in my basement, and that way he'd have to walk up and down the stairs to check his email.  Exercise room! good idea!. 

Oh did I tell you, when I fell on the dishwasher, I ramed the door right out of it's alignment, Handy Andy had an activity for the evening.  And he practiced with his vocal cords too.

Today is 28years that my eldest son was baptized.  I served dinner for 28 people in a tiny little house.  I had "warming stations all over the place.  I even remember the menu.  Leek and Mushroom soup, Crown Roast, mashed potatoes or maybe lasagne, salad, (Alice made this, she's the official family salad maker, before Michelle) I think it might have been cabbage rolls as well, beans and mushroom (you can tell we like mushrooms).  And I think it might have been walnut torte for dessert, and green shamrock shaped jello.  Daniel was born on January 31st, or how did I do all of this?  I know I had cloth tablecloths, but I think I may have broken down and had paper napkins, and real plates, no paper.  Tea and coffee.  The church celebration was at 11a.m. and we had lunch by 2p.m.  My sister's helped serve.  By this time in our lives we had developed a rythm to parties (the sisters).  When I look back on all of this I wonder where I got the energy, 

Anyway, have a great Sunday, enjoy whatever weather God has given you, it will be too hot before we know it.  I'm doing evening mass today, just so I can let the Advil kick in completely.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Oh my goodness! I hope the Advil works. Sounds like something I'd do (fall onto an open dishwasher). Nice memory of your son's baptism dinner. Have a good week!
I wonder if the summer will be as extreme as the winter.

Vicki said...

Sorry about your fall! Keep a close eye on those bruises. Hope you heal quickly and the pain eases up!!

The Baptism dinner sounds yummy!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Mercy. Do take care of yourself, dear Irene. I think the moral is, make Handy Andy do the dishes. xoxo

bermudaonion said...

That picture is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I'm sure glad your fall didn't cause a trip to the emergency room. Take care of yourself!

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