Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonderous Words Wednesday... baby names

I'm a slow reader this month, and the books I'm reading really don't have any exciting words, so I thought I present you with baby names.  My niece is having her third baby, and I know she will not choose any of the names I suggest, which is o.k. but I can't help myself in thinking of names anyway.  I've decided to send her three choices (or more) each day.  Aren't I a pain? 
My suggestions this week were: Lana was the choice of the mother for her previous child,and we all thought that was just so Hollywood, you know like Lana Turner.I like  Tea, pronounced Tay uh. is nice, and since we all love tea of the drinking kind... and my all time favorite Jacinta (of the 3 children in Our LADY of Fatima).  Celeste, like the sister on Babar,  Juliet, like in  Romeo and Juliet, by your third child and in your last trimester you could sure use a little Romeo and Juliet romance, even if it tragic.

Yesterday's suggestions were Theodora we could call her Teddi,  Phillipa, we could call her Pippa (like the Duchess' sister)  PippaBrandy, like in the song Brandy, a little Barry Mannilow influence. 

Today's choices are:  Madeleine, like the character in the Madeleine series.
Lucille, of the I Love Lucy variety.  Anastasia, (like her great grandmother Annie) and Royalty.  My husband's suggestion is Bernadette, so could call her Bernie, like in weekend and Bernie's.  

Tomorrow's suggestions might be Cornelia, or Matilda, of Roald Dahl, or Ramona from the books by Beverly Cleary.

So that's it !  For my wondrous words, Just think a little person is behind these words. 


Vicki said...

I used to work with a Phillipa. My favorite though would be Lana. Can't wait to find out if she used any of your names!

Anonymous said...
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Annie said...

Phillipa and Madeleine, I like. Also Olivia.

When we had our third, it was a girl, and we had trouble finding a name, my husband didn't like all the names that I liked. Not helpful. We finally found one we both liked!

My daughter is also expecting her third baby. It is another boy, and she says she has trouble with boy's names, so I was also sending her ideas!! She is almost into her third trimester!

What fun.

Your gardening in a previous post sounds interesting, enjoyed reading it.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

My favourite is Madeleine - my granddaughter's name, so maybe I'm biased, but I love it.

I'm also inclined towards Lucy (not Lucille), but when I tell you I had a cat called Lucy, maybe you'd not choose it - I did Love Lucy though - and the TV programme too!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Oh I do love discussing baby names, dear Irene! I hope someday to have a granddaughter named Daphne. A girl can always hope.

National Pet Day...

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