Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thoughts For today...

I'm listening to a fan whir and whir around, it's been a hot weekend and today promises to be just as hot, although it is raining.Someone is actually mowing their lawn in the rain.  It's early and my son is still sleeping, my husband has gone off to work, making a whole lot of noise in the process, so I'm up.  

I'm enjoying my morning coffee, I baked a cake for wake that I shall be attending in the morning, and since I decided to take it all cut up and in little cupcake papers I was able to slice a sliver off for me. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Nothing on TV to watch these days.  I'm sure I've gained a pound or two watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Wish Guy did a road trip and took me along.  P.S. I think I'm in love.

I'm still reading The Wisdom of Hair, not a lot of reading time.  Trying desperately to catch up on life, but exhaustion kicks in too often.  Can't wait for summer vacation to begin.

I'm making a mess.  I've finished with all my regular programs, except for painting which doesn't take a summer break, so all my "stuff" is in the entry way of our house.  And to boot, all my floral arrangement stuff is there too.  After the wedding this weekend, I'll start a thorough over-haul.

Other than planning floral arrangements, I'm not planning much of anything exciting.  A BIG clean up is in order.

I'm feeling very tired and sad these days.  Yet another friend has passed away and funerals are all that I seem to be attending these days.  Too many.

I'm loving the idea of no plans for the remainder of the summer, just me and my mess.

I'm wanting to re-arrange my house this summer, and paint a few walls.  Especially the closets.  I just feel like there must be dust in there that only paint can cure.

I'm thinking, handy Andy will be having a hissy fit when he discovers my painting plans, you know he will not be partaking, but he'll say we just painted, "Yes, Andy, a mere 6 years ago."

Looking forward to a special young man's wedding.  It should be fun.

That's it for me for today, Would love to hear what YOU are listening to, eating, watching, reading, making, planning, feeling, loving, wanting, thinking, and looking forward to.


Annie said...

I was listening to the radio, an old interview with Jeffrey Smart, the artist, who apparently died last week, and I didn't know or hear about it.

Eating, a naughty biscuit after a rather lunch of sushi, after shopping for the grandchildren.

Watching the time, to make sure I am not late for picking up the grandchildren..

Reading, one of the Ladies Number 1 Detective agency books by Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith. I love them. Quaint.

Making...a small knitted square for my granddaughter to add to their collection for a rug at school, the chaplain has a knitting club at lunchtimes on Tuesdays. It is taking me a loong time to do one small square.

Planning to go back home next week when the parents get home, and mind the Queensland grandchildren for the rest of their holidays!

Feeling...like I am getting a cold. But keep fighting it off.

Loving, the new series on tv, Death in Paradise about a British detective sent to Jamaica ..and he hates the beach.. very funny.

Thinking..I am enjoying not being able to watch TV here.

Looking forward to watching tv when I get home again. Ha ha. And finding a house to buy and settle down in one day, God willing. As distinct from the rental house I have and am trying hard to settle into. Too much stuff and not enough room.

Whew. Sorry to bore you. Must be time to go collect those kids from school.

kelley jensen said...

I think I love Guy too and those trips in the middle of the night always make me hungry.

bermudaonion said...

Sorry to see you're sad. It seems that things like deaths and funerals come in bunches. Hopefully you'll have a lot more happy occasions (like that wedding) to celebrate soon.

Debs @ Vintage Postcard Gallery said...

Thanks for dropping by...apologies for tardiness of my visit here! So sorry to hear that you're feeling down, but cheered by your optimism and the positive you find in everything!

Trish said...

I'm sorry about the sad and tired feelings lately. I've been blessed to not have experienced much loss in my lifetime but I know there will come a time when this becomes more de facto. Tough part of life.

Hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend. It's been years since I've visited during Canada Day but we'll be wearing our red in honor.

Grace Bailhache said...

Hello Irene,

I'm a little bit too early for your postcard, so let play along and participate to your thoughts for today.

So, yesterday is young in my head

I listen a lot of Eros Ramazzotti music yesterday and a little of Mozart too

I eat very badly only cake, banana and tomato juice, it's aweful.

I watch...well nothing it was a busy one

I work at my small public ibrary yesterday so I took a little to read a short story of my favorite writer Balzac, it's called "une passion dans le desert" and it was almost 8 years that I didn't read it and the emotion was still there.

Planning ? The weekend and next week. I don't take vacation this summer, so..

Feeling ? A little sad and concerned I had an old friend of mine at the telephone and I wish I could help her more but sometimes we just can't.

Loving ? Finding my library card after I lost it two hours ago.

Wanting ? To finally start looking at Homeland, my cousin keep on asking me if I did but not yet.

Thinking ? One thing at the time Grace, don't mix up !!!

Looking forward to find the right persons for my case study.

Well I hope it's not to long.

See you !!!!


Vicki said...

Sorry about your friend.
I love Guy too!
Haven't read the Smith series, will check it out!

listening to: my dog make noise
eating: Italian Swiss Steak
watching: 72 Hours, The Hero, Big Brother...and so much more.
reading: Under The Dome by Stephen King and Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham
making: nuthin
planning: a family vacation with our 3 kids, their spouses and grandkids
feeling: very thankful
loving: the cooler evenings we're having
wanting: to go on our vacation NOW
thinking: I need to get my library in order
looking forward to: spending the 4th of July with family and friends

Erica (Irene) said...

love your post....

I also have lots of friends and relatives who have departed in such a short time.

I love DDD and Guy, I get sooo hungry watching him at night.

The hot humid heat has lifted...and now it's cooler so we turned the A/C off...just hope it stays like this.....when we were in Europe it was so HOT but not humid, you could actually breathe.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Well dear Irene, I know that sad and tired feeling all too well. My whole spring/summer experience this year has been consumed with funerals (well, only two, but still ... of much-loved relatives) and dental appointments as one problem after the other has cropped up with a certain situation in my mouth. Oy vey, the $$$ and stress this has cost me. However I am optimistic that we are on the upswing. It is very humid here but the temps so far are nowhere near as hot as last year at this time, and not as hot as where you are, or so it would seem. For the next week we are not forecast to get out of the 80s. I still stay inside most of the time. OK here we go:

Listening to: I can hear the water running as Erica takes a shower.
Eating: Drinking second coffee, just finished a big bowl of oatmeal.
Watching: "Rose Marie" with Jeannette McDonald and Nelson Eddy is on TCM but I'm not really watching.
Reading: She Got Up Off The Couch by Haven Kimmel.
Making: Just a tapping noise now, but later I plan to make a smoothie and a beaded keyring.
Planning: To eat more healthy and get my book written, while learning more each day about photography. Also I'm getting ready to open an Etsy shop or two, for beaded stuff and for photography.
Feeling: Grateful that I don't have to get up and go to work every day, but can pursue my dreams because of a hard-working faithful husband.
Loving: Life.
Wanting: To achieve some long-desired goals.
Thinking: In order to have something I've never had I'm going to have to do something I've never done.
Looking forward to: Daughter Audrey's visit later in the week.

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