Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Salon...Happy day.

I have boys. I've been trying to train them to be thoughtful spouses and remember special occasions with small gestures of "APPROPRIATE" GIFTS.  When they were little they'd buy me a toy they really wanted, and I always accepted gracefully, or maybe not so gracefully, explaining that their  choice while I would not be playing with it, made me happy because I would be happy that they would  be happy playing with it and their happiness was a gift for me. However, and this is a big HOWEVER they need to think of what would make the gift recipient happy or would be something they would like.   FINALLY!
This year I actually got a bouquet of flowers I LIKE. and a favorite author.  MAYBE THEY ARE FINALLY LISTENING. 

So Sunday Salon finds me delighted that I can download photos again.  No idea what was up with that.  I'm doing the usual house stuff, and keeping positive thoughts and prayers for my sister, who is undergoing some serious stuff.  My guys are off at their jobs, and I'm home alone for a few hours.  I've just picked up my library book Peaches for Monsieur le Cure, Joanne Harris. Not sure any reading will get done today, I've taken apart my sewing room, trying hard to get rid of as many particle board pieces as possible.  Hate that stuff.  The only thing I may not be able to part with are book cases.  What to do about that, don't know.  I have grand plans, but... I can't seem to motivate myself, my mind is in the waiting room of that hospital, where my sister is.  My son put on Mad Men, love that show, can't help but think of Miss Stevenson, my shorthand teacher, when I see Joan.  I keep wanting to sing "you've come a long way baby" So when you watch Mad Men you tend to "see" commercials.  I love the latest one for the mattresses with the two little girls that live with a bear.  Because you really can't tell a bear anything.   Unplanned week at the moment, hopefully some reading, other than that... Enjoy your week.


rosadimaggio63 said...

Che bei fiori Irene !!!!
Chi te li ha regalati ?
Buona domenica :))

Kristen said...

How lovely the boys have learned. I have a couple of boys myself and am hoping they too learn some important lessons about how to treat and spoil the loved ones in their lives.

Vicki said...

What great gifts! The flowers are beautiful!

Vicki said...

So sorry, forgot to say that I'll be praying for your sister, and for you to have peace of mind.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

How sweet and lovely!

Annie said...

May God be with you and your sister this week. Thinking of you both.

So pleased that the sons are learning, lovely to have something that one really appreciates. I am trying to stop mine from buying more stuff, just as the little grandchildren are getting pocket money and enjoying buying little presents at Christmas etc.

Not terribly apprehensive about the house at the moment, it was inevitable, large house, too big and too much work, for me to do and afford.

Found a few nice houses to rent near my daughter, closer to the beach, so looking forward to settling into a smaller abode for a while, while she has baby number three, and will look for another house to buy sometime in the next year or so maybe. Look fwd to seeing more of the children and grandchildren. Fun. Already have been able to baby sit sick children who have to stay home from day care and school, in the last week, while enjoying a family reunion with siblings at the same time at a nearby beach resort.

Jenners said...

It is an important lesson to teach … and I'm glad your boys finally seem to have learned it. My dad was notorious for giving gifts that he himself really wanted. It was funny sometimes … but it could wear thin.

Erica (Irene) said...

Sending your sister extra blessings and prayers and hope things will be well.


Trish said...

Funny the things that mothers teach their kiddos that you wouldn't automatically think about. I sometimes wonder if there is ever an end to the learning and teaching. As I told my mom this mother's day--she's the one who taught me how to be the mother I would like to be.

Good luck with the reorg of your sewing room. I really need to take the time to do this but it's daunting and I just don't want to. Maybe when I'm on maternity leave. Also wishing good thoughts for your sister. xo

Jenny the Pirate said...

Dear Irene, I sure hope your sister is doing better. My mother is dealing with the imminent death of her only sister, my beloved Aunt Linda. She is going downhill fast and we fear she won't live to see her birthday on August 6th, when if she makes it, she will be 73. So much suffering and sadness in the world, it is a good thing we do at least try to make others happy. I have told my son the same thing you've told yours: When you someday have a wife, be mindful of her likes and dislikes, and always give her what she wants, not what YOU want her to have. People love to be SEEN and known for who they are,