Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Salon... Pet pride.

Don't you wish you had the life of a cat?  Well maybe you could be my youngest, who's off school for a month, and has a similar lifestyle.  Sunday Salon finds me in the laundry room.  I went to mass yesterday, since I was too exhausted from being a kitchen maid for my guys.  Saturday does that to me.  All of a sudden they're hungry all day long.  So by the time everyone left for afternoon shifts I was beat.  Thought I'd spend some quiet time with our Lord.  It worked.  So today I must pay the piper, and do laundry.  I'll spend the day down there, since that is my studio as well.  I really need to go through some supplies and books,  and clear my table.  Next week my little grand-niece is going to be 2 and I've still to give her,her growth chart.  So that's on my list this week.  FINISH IT!  I'm happy to say that, that has been the story of the week, a number of my projects are coming to the Finish line, I'm mostly watching varnish dry.  I finished reading The House at Tyneford,  you'll have to wait for the read a long to end at the end of the month to see if I liked it. Still have not found a suitable frame for a very tiny silhouette piece I have.  Apparently custom is not doing little.  I may have to do it myself.  Oh I was so hoping I could just buy one.   I'm not sure I'm up for another creative adventure.  I'll be reading The Hunger Games this week.  Am I the only one in the world who hasn't read this and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  And if that wonderful rain stops some time soon, I'll be going out to mark my tulips. I have a few that are almost done blooming and I want to move them to their own area for next year, and I need to remember what colour and height they were.  My tulips at the front of the house were savagely removed by Squirrels, if I were not a creature loving person, boy oh boy would those rodents be in for a battle.  Out of 100 bulbs, I maybe have 6 still there.  I cannot put traps down, that's just inhumane.  What are you up to in your Salon today?

I'm linking my sleeping beauty in to Pet Pride today, and Sunday Salon hosted by Alyce.


ros@dimaggio63 said...

Hello Irene,
magnifica foto !!!!
Baci :))

Nise' said...

I looked like your cat this afternoon. Got caught up on my DVR'd shows!

Jenners said...

I hope to be reincarnated as a cat or dog. They do have a sweet life.

Vicki said...

What a cute cat!!

Our cat has certain spots in the house she likes. Her favorite is looking out the dining room sliding glass door. She's got a great view from there and will sit for hours at a time!

Vicki said...
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Laura Armstrong said...


Such a contrast of lazy-days and tons of activity to do!! They've both got highlights, for sure. I could act like the cat, I think, except I like runnin' around with everything I do, too, so...

Fun post, for sure.

Thx for stopping by my Sat!!!

Shonna said...

I haven't read Hunger Games or Girl with a Dragon Tattoo either Irene.
And I have a cat on my lap right now.

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, I could not read the dragon tattoo book. It was upsetting me and I was only on chapter three. My life is short! I have few books left to me! I can't torture myself!!

However, I do like the Nords and their literature.

What a lovely pet. Scout was growling at the photo, but I made her go sit in the corner.

She chewed on the corner of the rug.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Oh mercy, dear Irene. Is there no humane way to keep the squirrels from savaging your tulip bed? Cayenne pepper? A threatening sign? A ScareSquirrel? Surely there's a solution. And now I must go and see if I can get in sight of a few finish lines.