Monday, April 16, 2012

House of Tyneford a read along, Part 2

Welcome to our second read-along discussion of The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons. If you’re following our schedule, you should have read through Chapter 15. If you’re still considering joining us, it’s not too late – you can see the read-along schedule here. Spoiler warning: We will be discussing the first fifteen chapters of The House at Tyneford in detail, both in this post and the comments section
In this chunk of our read a long Elise becomes more exposed to the community.  She meets Poppy and Will, and is involved in the fishing adventures with the villagers.  I am truly amazed at how accepted she is.  I truly don't almost want to believe it.  Were it not for Lady Diana's behaviour I think we would get the impression that all of England was happy about "the Jewish" situation. 

 I was absolutely furious with Kit for his behaviour at his birthday party, but I did think that Elise was being a bit "stupid" in partaking.  I thought for a second, perhaps there was a hidden meaning "Kit dancing and kissing a man".
We'll have to read on to see.

We soon find out that it was not Elise who pays for Kit's silliness, but Kit.  I actually think the staff were very tolerable of this unfortunate set of events.   Once again Elise finds herself outcast, she's not a servant and not a member of the elite.  Although I do think she is very bold, considering her position.

I also think that Mr. Rivers, is doing his utmost to help her with her parents.  Not many employers would go out on a limb like that, and I don't believe she appreciates it very much.  I'm not sure what the purpose of Kit and Diana's return was.  It's obvious to everyone but Elise that Kit loves her (Elise).  I  was hoping for a little more drama, when the valuable painting is missing.  Did Mr. Rivers sell it to help her?  I'm thinking she be accused of stealing it. and Diana has taken it.  Just to mess with her.  After all Diana's mom/aunt are in need of $$$$$$. And the gall of Elise sneaking into Kit's room, just after all these concessions for her remaining in service had been made after the Birthday incident. Too BOLD.
Truthfully speaking, I'm not fond of Elise.  I think in spite of the circumstances she's not a very thankful person.  It seems to me it's still all about her. Diana spoiled her mothers dress, Diana danced with Kit all evening, blah blah blah.   She's still the spoiled child from Vienna.  Maybe things will change in the next bit.

*I've lost my letter t from the keyboard, I should say I vacuumed it up,I am trying to proofread as I go along, but forgive me if I miss a t or two. 

Thanks to Carrie for hosting this read a long.
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Carrie K. said...

I got the impression that Elise's behavior at the party wasn't simply because of jealousy over Diana - but the fear of what she had just learned was happening in Austria. She's afraid for her parents, and then Diana steals one of the only things she has to remember them by and ruins it. I think without both of those events, she wouldn't have acted so rashly.

I, too, am curious to see what else comes up about the missing painting...

ibeeeg said...

I think Elise's rashness is based on being overwhelmed. I think she is thankful but she is also very much struggling to keep keep her being from falling apart. Life was ripped away from her and she is alone. Beyond that, she is a foreigner and does not know customs or etiquette of where she now finds her life. Do keep in mind, she was raised as an elite so she was use to things being done for her as well. As you can see, I like Elise. I feel her struggle.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Sounds like a great read. You must inhale a book in two days! You're a reading rock star, dear Irene.

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