Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Little Bit about Me ...

not a recent photo
A little bit about me is hosted by Fizzy Thoughts (and for some reason I can't link up).

Bed Size king
Chore that you hate:  cleaning toilets
Dogs:  cat, but thinking about getting a dog, probably a collie, or a sheep dog, or portuguese water dog
Essential start to your day: a hug for my boys (all of them if they are still home)
Favorite colors:  pink
Gold or Silver: both
Height: 5’3. And a half.
Instruments you play: paint brush
Job Title:  co-ordinator
Kids:  2 boys
Mother in Laws name:  Gaida 
Nicknames:  C.I.
Overnight hospital stays: too many to mention

Pet Peeves: news papers lying around
Quote from a movie: " God gets pissed off when we walk by the colour purple and don't notice it".

Right or Left handed: Right
Siblings: 4, 3 sisters, 1 brother.

Time you wake up:depends on what day it is.
Underwear:  yes, if absolutely necessary.
Vegetable you hate:  iceberg lettuce
What makes you run late: I've never been late.
X-Rays you’ve had: chest, (when I was a kid)
Yummy food that you make:  cheesecake
Zoo animal: Giraffes!


Plush Possum Studio said...

What a fun look at your world!
And I hate ice berg lettuce too!

Jenners said...

Look at you!! Gorgeous! Love it!

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Oh Irene,
sei molto bella in questa foto... quanti anni avevi ?
Buona serata :))

TheBookGirl said...

Love the bits of info -- the "half" added to your height made me laugh, as my daughter always adds the "half" to her height as well :)

Jenny the Pirate said...

Dear Irene, is that really a picture of you? Well dang girl! You is a beauty queen!

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