Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For Today...

Outside my window... it's grey and cold, I think, I've not gone out yet.

I am thinking... where to begin?

I am thankful...that I can see the bottom of the laundry hamper

From the learning rooms... I'm learning that I'm not as unorganized as I think I am.

In the kitchen...no freakin' idea, I need to do a grocery shop

I am wearing...you guessed it, my p.j.s

I am creating...a Christmas Card carrier for the lovely cards I painted. (The painted part is a magnet)

I am going...to the bank, lost my debit card, need to replace it, and then need to buy boots for my boys.

I am wondering...would the boys even begin to know how to buy boots for me.

I am reading...Out Stealing Horses, excellent so far, part of my Awesome Author and What's in a Name Challenges.

I am hoping...to find my stuff for my class on Thursday evening.  You know my paper room could use a wife's touch,

I am looking forward to...to spring, am I too soon?

I am hearing...some truck outside vacuuming up leaves from the drainage holes.

Around the house...just stuff, I cleaned my little heart out yesterday, you would never know it.

I am pondering...does some messy fairy come in at night and mess things up? I know I have a painting fairy here, when I unpack the piece I'm working on I have no choice but to think, HUH did I do that, Nah some fairy came and did it.

One of my favorite things...a pile of books that look really good, and they all have bookmarks ready to go.

A few plans for the rest of the week: painting Wed, and visiting my mom, Thurs. furniture refinishing and card club, Fri. volunteering and visiting my mom.(She and I have a lot of library work to do). Sat. laundry, Sunday, church, family dinner, and resting up. Monday is toilet cleaning day. YUK!
Just checking the menu (that's the bunny that eats my crocus') better than a squirrel digging them up and  not eating them.
Have a glorious day. I hope to.


Jeanne said...

I like your little helper in the garden. When in doubt for supper I fall back on Subway here. hehe

Donna said...

haha, I see that Marty scampered up to see you! Tell him to come on home now!

Jenners said...

You should have your boys pick out some boots for you … just to see what they get. I would make for an interesting blog post!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Too soon to hope for spring I'm afraid, dear Irene!!! But you'll get everything figured out and done with class and flair between now and then. You always do. But no way should you ever let your menfolk buy your footwear. No, huh-uh.

Trish said...

Looking forward to spring already?! ;) I love the layout of this post. Might have to borrow it one day...

And I think I might have a messy fairy as well. Think he doubles as my husband. Ha!

National Pet Day...

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