Monday, November 14, 2011

Child of the Northern Spring ...

I finally finished this book.  It wasn't anything to do with the quality of the pages, they were great, as was the story line.  You don't really need to sell me on a story of Camelot.  I'm there.  I started to read this book at the beginning of August, then life happened and I didn't finish it.  I took it out of the Library again this week and started over, I'm so glad I did.  I love the story of Guinevere and  Arthur.

This is the first book of the story of Camelot through Guinevere's eyes.  Guinevere is a feisty Celtic tomboy who questions the reasons why she must learn to speak Latin, wear dresses, and go south to marry that king. But with a little loving persuasion from her beloved father, she soon decides it is her duty to marry the High King.  Her journey allows her the luxury of learning of his wonders, of how he came to be King and a little more intimate views from a close friend who happens to be her escort. When they finally meet, Guinevere and Arthur form a partnership that is what fairy tales are made of. 

What I liked about the book:  I loved the story from Guinevere's point of view, I loved how "modern" Persia Woolley made her in spite of the times she lived in.  I loved the whole innocents of the New Queen to Be, but I also loved how romantic her adventure of the unknown is.  I also love the she was not a raving beauty, by her own accounts, nor was she whimpy. But what I loved the most was what wonderful sense of "family" she respected, both her own and Arthurs. The contrast of Arthurs upbringing and Guinevere's was marvelous and Persia Woolley did a great job.

What I didn't like, not much really.  I think I was surprised at the close relationship the King, Guinevere's father, had with his only daughter.  I'd have thought this was not so in those times, but beautifully portrayed by the author.  I would have liked to have a family tree, and a map of this story, but hey, I just like family trees and maps.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and am on to the next installment.

I read this book as part of my What's in a Name Challenge,  # 6 Life stage... CHILD of the Northern Spring. 
Photo of the book I own.

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Alyce said...

Very cool that you enjoyed it so much! The only Arthurian book I've read that I've liked a lot is The Once and Future King.

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