Sunday, April 10, 2011

Borderlands, McGilloway, Brian

In the old days, when I shared my television viewing with both my sons,we often watch CSI the original one, with Grisom.  Haven't watched much of it lately.  One of the episodes a foot is found as part of the crime scene, and Grisom says: "the games a foot"... or something much like that.  That phrase has always been part of our humorous rant (the boys and I ) like in ... I say, "my feet are killing me" the response would be " well Mom,the games a foot" or "put your shoes away", "well Mom the games a foot" you get the idea.  So as I was cruiseing the posts on the Ireland Challenge the blogger posting after me is "the games a foot" I had to read what he recommended..
Borderland, by Brian McGilloway was MUCH better than Faithful Place in my humble opinion.  I must say that I don't think I'd encourage my children to go into law enforcement in Ireland, I'm almost not wanting them to even visit.  I was all packed up and ready to leave, got my passport and everything after reading The Book of Tomorrow  and then I read Faithful Place and hesitated now I'm down right "a feared".
Anyway, loved it, had appropriate twists and turns and way too many bodies for a small town. But, there was rhyme and reason for these crimes, and the ending was not obvious, at least to me it wasn't, and even if it became so, it was almost the end of the book, which is a good reason to label it a page turner.  It was a shortish read, *didn't have to wait for the next train to get some reading done, but recommend it anyway.
 equally unclear.
* I read mostly on public transit, and sometimes if the book is really good I wait for the next train so I can finish it.

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Jenners said...

I'm sad you didn't like Faithful Place as I'm all excited to read it. Glad this one worked for you.

Jenny the Pirate said...

"The game's afoot ..." Pretty sure that's a Sherlock Holmes utterance, dear Irene! I love me some Sherlock Holmes. And wasn't that Grissom guy a cutie pie? Happy Monday to you!

bermudaonion said...

Wow, this sounds really good!

Jenny Girl said...

Oh interesting read, and glad its hard to figure out. I hate it when I know who did it, 25 pages in.

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