Saturday, March 26, 2011

Faithful Place, Round 3 of the read along

Well Frank is exhausted and overwrought.  He shows up at his ex-wife's home because he has no where else to go.  Strangely enough, she lets him in and while he explains all to her, he discovers that his daughter Holly, who he was trying desperately to protect from the family he didn't want to admit to, has been seeing them.  His announcement of the murder is shocking to her and now he has to deal with yet another blow to his already fragile state.  Frank continues his investigation unofficially all the while reliving the months before he and Rosie had planned to escape "the Place" in an effort to come up with some clue as to what might have happened.  He comes to the conclusion that someone was waiting for Rosie and since his brother couldn't have hurt a fly, he immediately dismisses the possibilities.  With each new bit of information he is flung back to the improbable possibilities of Rosie's murderer.  He thinks he needs just a little more time.  He is then interrupted by the officer in charge.  A small interruption.  His biggest fear is that his brother will be blamed for Rosie's murder, just because it's convenient.
As in my previous post of the read along, I'm still casting. Jackie I think might be Cynthia Watros,  Imelda,  uh not sure yet, I'll have to do a casting call, Franks dad will have to be Stacey Keach  and his mom hmmmm...

Do check out what the other participants of the Faithful Place read along are saying, and thanks to Carrie for hosting.

This is the 3rd of 4 installments of the read along. and part of the Irish Author Challenge
and The Chunckster Challenge
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