Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eurika, or should I say For Today,

Eurika, or should I say For Today it's much more Lady Like.  Who am I calling a lady? It's been one of those months. 
Outside my window....It's very cold, and the earth is covered in a blanket of lovely snow.
I am thinking.... where should I start, we've had some work done in our home over the last week or two and it's kept me hoping, my husband has taken on washing dishes, but nothing gets put away, so everything is everywhere, and the counter is in need of a chisel.  So where to start, I think with a bucket of bleach.
I am thankful for...I really am thankful for his help, I just wish it really was helpful. And while I'm preparing and emptying rooms, I'm also his assistant so I've done 20 miles on my stairs, my feet are killing me. If the weather is bad, and I don't make a road trip, I'm putting me feet up after supper.
From the learning rooms...well last evening I started to re-model my mother's fur coat. So far so good.
From the kitchen...brocolli casserole for my eldest son, even though he called and said he wasn't coming to dinner, I may be going on a road trip, you know like that mom that takes a plane to give her son some tissue.
I am wearing...my bleaching clothes
I am creating...order, I hope!
I am going...to get a facial this afternoon, my beauticians Christmas Gift to me.
I am reading....I'm coming to the end of A Year on Lady Bug Farm,
I am hoping...my husband has work again tomorrow.
I am hearing....nothing.... it's wonderful
Around the house... chaos, chaos and more chaos. since I've disheveled my son's bedroom in order for the insulation to be installed, I'm going to paint it this weekend.


Jenny the Pirate said...

Hallo dear Irene!

I just got back last night. Getting ready to put a post together but I wanted to say hi first.

I know what you mean by some "help" -- however well-intentioned -- being in some ways worse than no help at all.

Get that bleaching done and definitely put your feet up later. A Year on Lady Bug Farm sounds like a good book!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hello Irene :)
come vanno le cose con tutta questa neve ?
Brrrrrrrrrr che freddo !!!!
Baci e buona serata :))

Triannas Treasures said...

Sounds like you are having an interesting and challenging day.

Nise' said...

We were covered in white this morning as well. Wet, heavy and icy. Snow day!

Hope you got a lot accomplished today.

Jenners said...

Chaos often precedes order ... I hope that is the case in your house!

And I often find that Mr. Jenners isn't as helpful as I wish he could be when he helps. (Boy -- that was one bad sentence.)

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