Thursday, September 9, 2010

A parallel universe... Why not!

Last week if someone had told me I'd be sitting here writing a post about having a civilized visit with my mother, I'd have said "you're nuts".  Last week when I came home on Thursday evening, I don't think I slept, all I could think of was this is it, she's dying, but I hope not tonight, I don't think anyone should die angry at their children, for no apparent reason.  Most of the day (last week) she spent talking to her sisters, who live in Europe, (we're in Canada). I sat back quietly because I thought if this is something she needs to do, she needs to do it, and who am I to say "stop that". It made me think of an episode of Sliders. This particular episode had the Sliders cast staying in a hotel that seemed haunted.  And in the end they decided it wasn't, it was a porthole to a parallel universe.  When I often discuss my mother with my cousin, who too lives on the other side of the world, and is looking after her mother, she says her mother (my aunt, my mother's sister) has whole conversations with my mother.  She (my aunt) has not spoken to anyone in a very long time, but low and behold has a conversation with my mother in the middle on the night.  What do yo think?  I think it's entirely possible.  You know how people often say ghosts are just spirits that still have something to do, (you can tell I watch Ghost Whisper) well I'm quite sure, my mother will hang around just to make sure that we've done everything she told us to do.  Forget going to the light, I think she'll take her time with that one too.  I know as a Catholic I'm not suppose to believe in  Ghosts, but what the hey, some of these rules are made up by men, not God, and if I believe in everlasting life, what I imagine it to be is my own business.  I do believe things can only be better in the other life, and if it's a parallel universe, then maybe I can keep an eye on my guys.  After all many times you hear believers and non-believers say, "their loved one is watching over them".  For me all I can say is if you're watching give me a little hand here, if I'm in trouble. 


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Un universo parallelo ?
Già... perchè no ?
Spesso ciò pensato.... forse da qualche parte, un'altra me ci stà pensando !!!
Ciao :)

Annie said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog post, Irene. Glad you enjoyed my photos from the week.

It seems like ages since I caught up here. loved your post about your son's paper run.

Hope your Mum will have a good week, Irene. And you too.

Jenny the Pirate said...

It's a mystery~

But eternal life is the gift of God. That much I know.

God bless you, Irene.

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking post!

Praying for you and your mom!

Jeanne said...

I'm sorry for these difficult days for you Irene. {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your mom. The end of life can be as much as mystery as death itself. I hope you enjoy your mom while she's still with you.

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