Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Today...

Outside my window... it's overcast, not too sunny, but hotter than H..L
I am thinking...should I bake the bottom of the wedding cake first or the top?
I am thankful for...my husband going off to work,
From the learning rooms...I'm learning to remain calm, it doesn't always work but that's what learning is...
From the kitchen...cake, cake, and more cake.
I am wearing...my pyjamas (did I tell you I love to bake in my pyjamas)
I am creating...quite a mess, with baking in one room and life happening in the other...
I am going...to the supplier store, haven't gotten a topper for the wedding cake yet. I'm thinking if it's too hot to travel by bus, I may just use some real flowers
I ...just finished reading "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake"
I am hoping...no one of the guests can taste my "feeling" in these cakes. But even if they do, they will only taste my complete joy of baking/and eating cake.
I am hearing...our ceiling fan whirl around.
Around the house...I've decided I need to focus on this cake and it's assembly so it will just be clearing up kitchen after baking. If I am /when I'm finished I'll do a quick crumb coat and then pop them into the freezer, much easier to decorate a frozen cake.
One of my favourite things...baking
A few plans for the rest of the week:Dr. appointments, seniors visits, another stopover at my mother's, and then... no painting this week,
Here are a few pictures I am sharing...remember that rose that's given me such a lovely view all spring and summer, I just needed to capture it.

The inspiration

So when my cat was sitting at the window, I decided he was uncomfortable, not to mention he keeps falling off and getting mad, I thought I'd paint a shelf one of my painting buddies gave me.

The purpose.

It looked like this when I got it.

I painted it a black/brown and photocopied a sheet of music, (the actual sheet was too thick to apply) I then painted the copy with tea, yes tea, applied it to the shelf (which was already dry) and let it dry also. Then I painted these two roses on top. Fini

What do you Think? It will be screwed to the wall just under the window frame. I'll have to put a protective coat on so I don't have claw marks.

I have two of these so, one for the kitchen window and one in the dining area. Not to0 cheesy?

this meme is hosted by The Simple Woman's Daybook.

P. S. Jennifer asked how I applied the sheet music, I use a product called Right Step, is a prep for surfaces to be painted. I suppose you could decoupage this, but I'm using this for my cat, so I expect it will need to be washed or dusted and any sort of moisture in my experience re-activates the decoupage medium, whereas, the Right Step can be painted, sanded and varnished and it works well with water, like when I leave the window open and it gets rained on, or watered with the sprinkler, I can even sand it lightly and re-varnish. So depending on what you do with it... I believe Right Step is available at Michaels, and other craft/painting stores.

P.P.S, you'll notice my Dutch Clogs in the background of my photo, it's my little reminder of a Welcome to my World, wish I could remember to speak Dutch, we did when we were kids, can you imagine Polish kids speaking Dutch, it must have been quite an ear full.


Diane O. said...

I bake too but not cakes, I'm a bread person.

Love the kitty shelf, great job on the transformation,

Jenny the Pirate said...

Wonderful post as usual, dear Irene -- I love baking in my pajamas too, in fact will do just about anything in my pajamas, sometimes I wear them nonstop for a week (well, different sets of pajamas but still pajamas, or, more to the point, a comfy gown) -- and I just love the term "crumb coat" ... it makes my mouth water. I can't do cakes like you but I LOVE watching TV shows about bakeries. Can't get enough of them

As if that weren't enough you positively knocked my socks off with that SHELF! That is simply fantastic. I wish I knew how to do that. Is the music decoupaged on, or just glued and then shellacked? Either way it's absoposilutely GORGEOUS. I want one.

Sorry it's so hot! If you were here you could swim with me. Come whenever you can and stay as long as you like!

50 Chubby Toes said...

Hi Irene! Thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving a comment :) I love your kitty shelf! Great Job! Blessings, EMichelle

dee said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I'd love to see pics of the cake.

Jenny Girl said...

I think the shelf looks beautiful! Great idea for the kitty and the sheet music...well it's super creative. It looks great! I would have never thought of that.

Jenny Girl said...

I also bake in my PJs as well. The comfyness, and if they they get messed up it's no big deal. I don't cook or bake enough to warrant an apron. And wedding cake??? You are talented my friend :) Will we see a finished photo??

Nise' said...

Not a baker myself, hubby is though, but I am an excellent eater of said baked goods! LOL Want to see a picture of the cake too.

Anonymous said...

We need a shelf like that for my son's cat.

Did you like "The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake"?

Annie said...

Thanks for popping in to enjoy my trip into the city. Thanks for your kind remarks about my photos. Very sweet. But really, all I do is point and shoot. Though I do seem to have found out that focusing in on a smaller part of something makes for a better photo. Sometimes.The kids gave me the camera for one of my birthdays. So I am a lucky Mum!

No, I don't play in Photo shop, much as I would like to. Is that the one that wants to capture absolutely every photo I have ever taken, before it will do what I am really wanting it to do? That is, make a collage. If so, I don't like it!!

I would really love to be able to fiddle around and make a collage, but only on my terms and conditions! ;-)

The cake sounds wonderful! You are amazing how many things you have on the go at one time. Lovely to be so creative...and to be able to read so much. Wish I could record the books I read. You have given me more motivation to do so from now on!

And I love that Simple Woman's Daybook format. Must try it out sometime too.

Annie said...

ps. Loved the shelf for the kitty cat. What a lovely person you are!

Jeanne said...

Wow! How do you ever find and make the time to do so many things. This heat has taken any ambition I had and tossed it out the window. How did you like the book. I picked it up last week at B & N but decided on something else instead.

National Pet Day...

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