Saturday, November 7, 2009

Welcome to Holland

As most of you know, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I have a mom in a long term care facility. When I arrived to visit yesterday, Friday, the rec staff was just hustling her off to travelogue. Travelogue is a little virtual visit to a country of choice. Yesterday's country was Holland. The staff, get little pieces of memorabilia and crafts as well as, some sweet treat that is typical of the country of choice. Then there is a little movie to welcome the tourists to Holland. For most of the presentation my mother didn't realize it was me talking to her in polish, and all she wanted was the treat and then out. Well of course I didn't comply, I made her stay for the whole thing. I'm not sure what she is rushing off to, Oh yes I am, she's claimed a spot in the common room that is "hers" and no one is allowed to be there except her, so she sits there day in and day out watchfully guarding it. Well she lost her spot, because she was really in Holland. What a lovely presentation, and such a tasty treat, a great diversion from life in front of a T.V. which is not always on. Our next "trip" is Italy.

I must say that the whole while we were visiting Holland, I couldn't help thinking of the poem :


Emily Perl Kingsley.

And while my mother doesn't have a disability, she is disabled, and having taken this trip before, I know it to be an enjoyable trip that I am so glad I've been on, and if I never get to Italy that's o.k. with me, I only wish that my traveling companion was a little more co-operative.


me again said...

Lovely, thoughtful, inspirational and insightful blog post. I hope your mom got "her spot" back as soon as possible!

Jeanne said...

{{HUGS}} Irene. What a wonderful diversion from the everyday for you both. Keep taking your companion on these journeys. There may be days when she's a more willing traveler.

Joni said...

I love this post. I know how difficult it is when parents aren't the willing companion we'd like them to be. It's funny how the mind degresses as we age. I imagine your mom finds a great deal of familiar comfort in "her" spot. I like that her care facility incorporates "traveling" into their sweet is that? I would so love to travel to Italy...but Holland would be ok too.

Hugs to you my dear friend. Nice to have a few moments to catch up on some blogs.

Annie said...

Good to catch up here Irene. Thanks for your visit to my flowers this week.
What a lovely idea..a trip to Holland. I wish they had done that when Mum was alive and in care too! What memories that would bring back for them.

I loved your whole post Irene..esp the "poem" as well. How true.
Thank you.

Vicki said...

What a neat thing for the facility to do. My SIL is the administrator of a nursing home and I think I'll let her know about this. I think the residents would love it!

Great post!

Karen said...

I am from Holland and speak Ducth. Maybe I should come with you to vist her!

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