Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week in Review...

I must say, that this week has been quite a time on the buses. On Tuesday I had a long trip to the Hospital for my Mammogram and bone density test. 3 buses each way. Thank goodness it was only slightly too warm. The trip however was quite something. Let me say first that when I first moved to Mississauga the bus system was very limited, nothing after 10p.m. deadly for me since I worked till 10 p.m. thus began my walking adventure, cold and often scary, not to mention far. Well then we got Hurricane Hazel. The city grew as did the transit system. Customer relation however did not. On Tuesday, a elderly gentleman got on and the driver was not at all sensitive to this man's obvious frailty and immediately jerked the bus forward sending this man flying. Thank heaven for helpful young men, also passengers, who caught this man in mid air, saw to it that he was safely seated. When the elderly man was getting off, he, very politely, suggested the driver perhaps wait until his elderly passengers were seated before jerking the bus forward, the driver rudely replied " just get off my bus" can you imagine. The other passengers, including me, were outraged at his behavior. I took down the bus number and time and wrote a note to the customer service dept. We shall see their reaction. In the Greater Toronto Area public transit is a way of life, not to mention that we are encouraging greener ways of traveling, so what gives with customer service? Then it was Wednesday, yet another bus adventure. Well this time the driver didn't even stop for me.Thursday and Friday were uneventful bus trips, thank goodness. So when I was ironing on Saturday , a no trip day, I was flicking channels, like any man would do, and came across this show, and thought it's not so much fun is it!

So I'm afraid when my sister Barb invited me to come scrapping with her on Monday, I just could not bring myself to add another road trip to my week, I shall scrap at home in my own studio, no hauling , no falling, no problem.

I take the bus pretty much daily, for distances longer than 4 km. otherwise I walk. So this is important to me. Because some day soon I'll be that elderly person.


Donna said...

I would report that bus driver too!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Cara Irene,
" tutto il mondo, รจ un paese ! "
Certa gente, meriterebbe veramente di restare senza lavoro !!!
Buona giornata :-)

Jenny the Pirate said...

Good for you, reporting the Rude Rudy bus driver. How dare he? He oughta be fired. Hope you get some good resting up and scrapping done tomorrow! I love staying at home.

Alyce said...

I'm so glad you reported the bus driver - that is inexcusable!

I can't stand riding the bus, but it's just one of those things that is unavoidable at certain times. When my husband and I were in college our car broke down, so we took it to a private mechanic (who ended up in jail for three months without telling us what was going on and he still had our car). It sounds crazy, but at the time we pretty much said, "Oh well!" and took the bus for three months.

National Pet Day...

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