Saturday, July 24, 2010

Show me 5 Saturday

Don't you just love this image. And in this case you can tell a book by it's cover.

Welcome to my post on Show me 5 Saturday this meme is a concept of That's a Novel Idea, but currently hosted by Find Your Next Book Here.

1. The Book I read: The Constant Princess, Phillipa Gregory

2 words to describe the book: Historical Fiction

3. Setting where the book took place & characters I met.
The book took place in the house of Tudor, England, that should be houses of Tudor, they seem to move around a fair bit. I love Katherine, or Catalina as I prefer to call her, she was a Spanish princess betrothed to Aurthur the prince of England upon Aurthur's death she was cast off for reasons I shall not get into, (you need to read about this) and later became the wife of Henry, Aurthur's brother. The character of Aurthur was quite endearing, however I love the build up of Henry. Great character development, but Catalina blew me away. way to go Phillipa.

4 things I liked or disliked about the book:
I liked the interpretation of historical characters, the intimate details of their personalities, and certainly their rationalizations for their behavior appropriate or otherwise.

I liked the scene setting.

I liked the intimacy of the style of writing. It was a glimpse into the diary of a very real person.

I liked the whole book. It was easy to read, not too emotional for me, but still difficult to put down. I found myself taking the next train, just so I could go on reading, because you know when you get home you must make supper.

I disliked the place of women in this time, we have come a long way.

5 stars or less for my rating. Once again I'm leaning to 4.99999 since I'm still reading this series for my 3 4 5 challenge, but I must say so far I like this princess the best.

The Whys and Wheres. I got this book at our book swap at my painting group. I'm so glad there is someone with more $ than me and like the books I like.


bookfanmary said...

Sounds like a great read and it's going on my list. Nice review!

Cat said...

I much prefer Philippa Gregory's earlier books and this is one I really enjoyed too. Glad you liked it.

Have a great weekend,

Jenners said...

So many people love this author. And I love that you waited for a later train to keep on reading ... that pretty much says everything I would need to know! : )

Shanyn said...

Great job working on your 3 4 5 Challenge! :)

Jenny the Pirate said...

Keep taking the trains and keep on reading, Irene. Time enough to make supper!

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